Woman Narrates Torturous Ordeal She Went Through in the Hands of Kakamega County Hospital While Delivering

The Kakamega County General Referral Hospital. PHOTO/COURTESY
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(IMAGE: The Kakamega County General Referral Hospital. PHOTO/COURTESY)

The Kakamega County Referral Hospital has been put on the spot by social media users after a woman identified as Ummu Warda Lateef took to Facebook to share her traumatic experience that she went through while delivering at the facility.

The narration, which was posted on July 2, 2020 at 21.13 has attracted 400 comments from angry netizens who sympathized with the lady.

Here is here narration. Please not that some sentences and paragraphing have been edited without tempering with the original message for clairity for our readers.


Some of you, if no one (LOL) have been wondering where I vanished to. Weeell, I had been kidnapped by an alien and went out of space… or not.
Well, I underwent motherhood upgrade to 2.0. The best thing but depending on how it went could be the most dreaded thing.

As I’m writing this, my sister has a knife on my neck and stepping on my toe (psych). Why? We recently learnt that a teacher from my daughter’s school lost her life while delivering in the same hospital I went to after undergoing CS. My traumatizing experience came rushing back into my mind.

When I learnt I was expecting, I knew this was not gonna be hard because this is my second child. I mean, I have had some experience, or so I presumed. I prepared what I deemed necessary. Asked around and due to my location, I was told that Kakamega County General Referral Hospital would be the most ideal. I was even told no matter what hospital I go to in the area, should any complication occur I would be ferried back to Kakamega General Referral Hospital since it was well equipped. I made up my mind, that will be the “it” location since it was a walking distance from my area of residence. I remember making fun with my sister about how when labor will start I would just carry my bag, walk all the way to the hospital, call the nurse on duty and be like, “Hey, what bed should I lay on,” then voila, baby is here. See, Easy.


Psychologically, I was prepared. As time went by I was advised to get a gynecologist to ease the process for me when the the moment finally comes. I was referred to one “great” gyna, based here in Kakamega and I paid my deposit, did my visits and we were all set. This was majorly because since I had a Cesarean Section (CS) operation before, I was bound to go through it again. I was hoping for a normal delivery and we had settled with the gyna to do a trial of the scar to which, should it fail, then we would go ahead with the CS.

29th March came, and so did my contractions. I presumed it was false labor but came 1A.M on 30th March, the bloody discharge assured me it was about to go down. I took my belongings together with my sister and partner and headed out to the hospital, on foot as I had envisioned to help me through the process. Before getting to the hospital, I called my gyna. Upon receiving, he asked who I am. (I nearly fainted considering that’s the line we have communicated with before frequently and even used to pay for his services). But this was not the time to get pissed off so I re-introduced myself. He told me to go ahead and check in and that he will be with me in the morning. He is the expert so maybe he knew the baby would wait till then.

We got to Kakamega General at around 1:10am, waited at the registration desk and finally got attended to around 3am since it was a busy night and they were short on staff.
Come 8am, no sign of my gyna and he stopped picking up my calls. In short he abandoned me at the very last minute. It got to around 2:30pm I was still not dilating. My water had broken around 5am, contractions were regular and that meant I would be straining my scar. The doctor on duty who had checked me that early morning and was back from his break, asked the nurse to alert me to prepare for CS.

A screenshot of the mother's Facebook post. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS
A screenshot of the mother’s Facebook post. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS

I had not eaten anything since my last meal on the 29th. I agreed to it since I had no option. They fixed the IV lines, the catheter and soon started pumping fluids in me in both hands since there was no time. At 3pm I was wheeled into the theater. I had wanted to surprise my family so I requested my sister not to tell them just yet, until it was all done.

I requested for a full body anesthesia since I had heard that epidural had nasty side effects. I was told that they would not do that since full body anesthesia would affect the baby. I explained how my first was ok but they went ahead and pricked my back anyways.

“Lift your legs up,” says the anesthetist which I did with ease severally. Since the anesthesia had not kicked in, they decided to re-inject me. Soon after they asked me to try lift my legs up again. I did but this time with some difficulty to which I explained. He went ahead and asked the doctor to proceed. I was like nope, why don’t you test first to see if it really has kicked in. I don’t know what the doc did since there was a blind between us, all he asked was can you feel that and I said no. He commenced the operation and 20 minutes later, I hear a cry and there was my baby boy. The nurse shows him to me, says the weight and she carries him away as the doctor and his intern proceed.


Now here goes the longest hours of my life. You see how water gushes from a pipe with a certain swoosh sound? That is what I heard. I did not get it at first, but then the doc says to the nurse that they have punctured the uterus. Am like huh? (Did I mention the doc came in with an intern (I assuming the doc was not an intern as well). So the gushing sound keeps going. The nurse says she has lost over 1,000ml of blood and there is no transfusion so you need to hurry up. Then that is when it happened. The anesthesia immediately wore off. All I remember was the excruciating pain.

The live feeling of the doc trying to sew me up while the other hand is busy tucking in something in my stomach. I try getting up but my hands are in restrains so I beg them to stop because am in pain. The pain was unbearable. The anesthetist asks if am in pain and I say yes I have been trying to say so. So they add up two more IV lines on both hands bringing the number to 4 and shoot up some morphine. They gave me another shot saying it will stop the bleeding.

After a while the gushing sound continues, and I hear the doc telling the nurse… “Hii wacha niache tu itajiresolve – (It will resolve itself)” and the nurse tells him “No, just sew it all up. Why would you want her to leave like that and then come back later to be reopened just to stop the bleeding?”


They argue back and forth with the nurse insisting I should be fully sutured. Minutes later, another gush and turns out it is another tear. This time, my whole body goes cold and I start shivering. I knew I was dying, but now my mind goes to…. Who will take care of my babies? (Not that no one is capable but this is different. As a mum I wanna be there with them dirung every step). So I whisper a prayer but in each line, I say I don’t wanna die, at least not just yet because I don’t want to leave my children now.

Time is flying as I looked at the clock and it’s heading to 5pm. I asked the anesthetist if it is over and he tells me, “I told you sometimes it takes time if there is a complication”.

There I am laying helpless, shivering, cold and alone wondering if I should have talked to my family before going in especially if am not getting out of there alive. The argument between the nurse and the doctor, the nurse pushing the doc to get it right went on until it was all finished. He sewed me up, turned me on my side and pressed my tummy so hard (guess to see if the stitches open up or not).

After the demonstration, they put me on my back, he taps my tummy and goes like “Waonaje? Mimi ni pro. Unaeza jua kulikua na mimba hapa ndani? (How do you see? I am a pro. Can you even imagine that there was a pregnancy in this womb)?”


When they said it’s over and after they had undone the restraints before wheeling me out, I never felt so relieved. My lower body was still numb. One dead leg and another that was tinkly (sic) but still could not move. I was taken to the recovery room for like five minutes and out to the ward.

Long story short, due to traffic, I was discharged by the doc on day three with no wound follow up and that we should recover from home and only come back in a case of over bleeding. I couldn’t feed for weeks despite breastfeeding and worse, the poorly done stitches reopened and got infected.

The gyna never called or bothered though I did follow up for refund.

I know that the government through the First Lady has the Beyond Zero initiative aimed at reducing maternal and infant deaths, but, I don’t know how things are on kwa ground especially in public hospitals. I don’t know if any of you or anyone you know has had similar experiences but I am just glad that I’m alive. Alhamdulillah, I am here.

Zuhura Miriam Wangara.”

Here is a link to her Facebook post.

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