Why Lifecare Hospital Bungoma is the Best for Treatment of Dialysis in Western Kenya

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A huge billboard for Lifecare Hospital in Bungoma town. PHOTO/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS
If you are a resident in Western Kenya and require high standard dialysis, there should be no more worry for you.

This is because a renown hospital in Bungoma started providing high quality services for residents.

Lifecare Hospital, formerly, Lumboka Hospital has acquired high-end equipments for treatment of dialysis to ensure that patients enjoy high equality treatment.

Initially, patients could travel all the way to either Kisumu or Eldoret for dialysis but with the services now available in Bungoma, the long trips for medical care are a gone story.

But what is even more appealing is the fact that the hospital, through its management, has ensured that patients on NHIF can no longer pay even a single penny for the treatment as the NHIF will fully cater for the services throughout your treatment.

This is a relief to many patients who were initially worried of paying half of the medical bill from their own pockets.

With all this in control, the hospital boasts of the region’s best and permanent specialists that closely monitor your kidney progress on a monthly basis.

The Hospital is also providing free breakfast and lunch for patient and even as the doctors check on you, be assured of a free Wi-Fi to keep you busy and occupied on the internet.

With the patients now frequently visiting Lifecare Hodpital for dialysis treatment, the management has updated the manpower, installing enough medical nurses to handle the patients with dignity, care and maximum concentration.

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