Why Atheists President Harrison Mumia Wants Churches to Remain Closed

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Harrison Mumia, who is the President of Atheists Society in Kenya, has hit back at Christians who are calling for the churches to be opened, stating that they prayed to their God and the numbers have never gone down.

Mumia made the sentiments while speaking to Citizen TV, where host Trevor Ombija was discussing if the churches should be opened amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Amongst the guests also included Pastor Man Kush, Pastor T Mwangi, TV presenter Laura Karwirwa, and Harrison Mumia.

When asked if the churches should be opened, Mumia stated that they shouldn’t and, in fact, “be closed and go digital”, since they make a lot of noise on Sundays.

“We have had a lot of peace. We have done a survey and Kenyans are saying that Sundays are nowadays quiet and this is what they have been wanting. We know residential areas where every Sunday and Fridays when we have keshas we have a lot of noise coming from churches and this creates a lot of disturbance” Mumia said.

He also added that there was a prayer day organized by  President Uhuru Kenyatta to pray for the country, yet the COVID-19  numbers are not going down.

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“There was a national prayer day organized by the president which took place at State House where they prayed for the country and COVID-19 in the month of March, and we are not seeing the numbers going down. As much as pastor T believes in the power of healing, the evidence doe not seem to support the idea of healing” he said.

According to Mumia, the government should not make decisions over the whole nation because of people who want to go to church only, as the Constitution states that Kenya is not a State Religion.

“This is a question of science and that is why Article 8 of our Constitution states that there shall be no State Religion. Therefore, the State should not make decisions about its citizens because the people who go to church are citizens and the health ministry is concerned about the citizens when they are at home because these some congregants have families, they have children at school, children who do sports, children who travel and you can see all those sectors are complying” he stated.

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The Atheists president further noted that the church is not unique and should not, therefore, be given preferential treatment, since there are scenarios globally where the same happened and the churches became hot spots.

“The church is not unique. Why the government shut it down is because it realized one of the hotspots of COVID-19 is actually the church and good examples have been given all over the world where churches did not observe the regulations and we saw a high level of transmissions” he noted.

Mumia also suggested that even as the government plans to re-open the economy, schools and other sectors should be given priority, while the churches should be among the least of concerns.

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“I hope that the government is going to delay the opening of the church, and in fact, let us start with the schools because our children are behind the curriculum. The church should do their online services and I don’t know why they don’t want to embrace technology which they have been using for the last three months” he said, further adding that their God should be able to accommodate technology.

“We are in a pandemic and I don’t think God is unhappy that they are not congregating, this God that they pray to should be able to accommodate this kind of technology” Mumia said.


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