What The Sh1 billion Grant that Bungoma Municipality Received Can Do to Residents

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Workers on a road upgrade project at Mama Fanta road in Bungoma town. PHOTO/GPS

The Municipality of Bungoma has received an extra Ksh1 billion (1,000,000,000) from the Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) to boost infrustructure.

Whether normal or abnormal, that amount can absolutely be very effective whose impact can easily be felt by the residents.

With Bungoma County currently building a 6.5Km Dual Carriageway from Kanduyi to Musikoma junction, this can be a big boost to the project.

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If utilised carefully without any funds being embezzeled, a lot of development can be realised on a ground without one struggling to square the eyeballs around.

With a billion shillings on board, the Municipality can:

  • build a market cum bus park that will accommodate all the traders on Chebukube market.
  • Build all feeder roads that feed on the Dual Carriageway.
  • Open up all drainages and channel to the Dual carriageway now that the Dual Carriageway can absorpt all the water to Khalaba River.
  • Improve the sewer system within the municipality.
  • Streetlight all the roads that the Governor has been opening up
  • Install several Mulika mwizi (security flood lights) to serve both formal and informal settlements, and
  • Put cabro paving on most of the roads in the informal settlements.
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A good gesture? It will be upon those implementing these projects to take advantage of the grants and bring change to the people of Bungoma.

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