Wetang’ula, Malala Forced to Flee as Chaos Rock Church Service in Bungoma

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula and his Kakamega counterpart Cleophas Malala had to use an alternative gate after chaos erupted at the Bungoma Catholic Diocese on Sunday.

The youths accused Senator Wetang’ula of inviting Mr. Malala to insult Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi after he, together with Ford Kenya Secretary-General Dr. Eseli Simiyu, plotted the ouster of Wetang’ula as Party Leader.

Speaking during the church service, Malala asked Luhya leaders to support each other instead of fighting every now and then.

However, his stay in Bungoma could turn chaotic when he insinuated that Mr. Wamunyinyi should not attempt to take the party if his only interest is to remain a Kanduyi MP and not a presidential candidate.

“I will give you my support if you run as the President, but if your target is to remain the Kanduyi MP, then you have no business being the Ford Kenya party leader,” said Malala.

His sentiments, which were being listened to by the supporters of Wamunyinyi that had camped outside the church, were received with anger as youths bailed for his blood.

According to eyewitnesses, the two Senators had to use the alternative gate to escape the wrath despite Wetang’ula having his own section of supporters.

First, Wetang’ula was seen waving at a handful of his supporters who had turned up to cheer him.


The greetings were reportedly short-lived as the youths started flying stones towards his direction.

Malala, whose speech was the cause of all this, had to abandon his own car to hide in Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka’s vehicle to save his skin before they reportedly took off towards the bus stage.

Earlier own, the Kanduyi MP, who is a regular worshipper at the same church, had asked politicians to shun off politics on the podium until Malala spoilt the day.


It took Wamunyinyi some time to calm down the youths and respect the church.


The ugly incident depicts the bad politics in the Ford Kenya party where the Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu gazetted Mr. Wafula Wamunyinyi as the new Party Leader, replacing Wetang’ula.

Mr. Wetang’ula rushed to the high court to block his embarrassing ouster, pending a hearing.

Even as Malala raises the bar for party leaders, it’s ironical that Wetang’ula, who was ousted in the Senate as Minority Leader and replaced by the same Malala, has never vied for the presidency despite being the party leader for more than a decade.


The Wamunyinyi camp has accused Wetang’ula of running the party as his personal briefcase as well as causing divisions in the party contrary to the party constitution.

Wamunyinyi supporters have since castigated Senator Wetang’ula for stooping too low to import junior politicians to play politics in the house of God, saying it’s embarrassing for a leader of his age who has been in politics for close to three decades with no visible track record.

Our efforts to reach out to the two Senators for the right of reply were in vain as their phones did not go through by the time of publishing this post.

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