Wangamati Commissions Kazi Mtaani in Bungoma

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Governor Wangamati today joined Livestock PS Harry Kimutai in commissioning Kazi Mtaani programme in Muslim Area of Musikoma Ward in Kanduyi Sub County.

Kazi Mtaani is a social protection scheme that engages youths from vulnerable households in productive activities for a pay as a way of cushioning them from the vagaries of life.

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In Bungoma, a total of 4,000 youths were picked to participate in community cleaning, opening roads and drainage, bush clearing and helping in beautifying urban areas.

The youths will earn between Sh456 per and Sh505 per day for six and half months.

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The programme covers informal settlements in
Chwele in Kabuchai, Kimilili and Mjini in Kanduyi Sub Counties.

The implored the National Government to expand the programme to cover more youths spread across the County including rural areas.

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