‘Wachana na Retweets’ Sifuna Tells LSK President Nelson Havi

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Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi was, for the better part of Monday morning, lectured by ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna on what he should focus on when discussing matters politics and governance.

Speaking on the recent allegations that some influential political figures were forcing a merger with small political parties, Havi had warned that Kenyans would not be fooled all the time and the move should be resisted.

“Kenyans must never lose sight of the fact that Kenya is a multi-party democratic State. Any attempt to return the Country to a single party State through deceptive coalitions and wanton destruction of other parties, even by some who fought for the 2nd liberation must be resisted,” he tweeted.

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However, while replying to him, Raila Odinga’s personal secretariat Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba reminded him that he was there when Ruto urged small political parties to fold up and join Jubilee.

“Mr. President, u were in town when Ruto urged parties to fold up & make Jubilee ‘stronger’ ahead of 2017 elections. Tinga was the only leader at the time to insist that parties could functionally operate at Coalition levels & not fold,” Jakakimba said.

The outspoken LSK president Havi went on to tell him that they can fool Kenyans, but won’t do that all the time.

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“You guys can fool some people sometimes but won’t fool all people all the time. Kenyans are more wiser today than they were yesterday, I included. Have you guys spoken on the swearing in of 41 Judges, disobedience of Court orders and appointment of Auditor General? You sold out!” he stated.

This is when the ODM SG Edwin Sifuna came in to intervene, urging Havi to be seeking more information rather than looking for retweets.

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Havi.. @TheODMparty was the only party to propose an amendment to the constitution to introduce a self-executing mechanism for the appointment of judges that would sort out the current impasse. If you seek info and not retweets Utapata,” Sifuna said.



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