VIDEO: Wangamati Fumbles on Live TV to Explain the Missing Sh100 Million Emergency Kitty

Bungoma Governor Wyclife Wangamati (left) is hosted by Ken Indimuli on Nyota TV in Bungoma on March 31, 2020. IMAGE/COURTESY
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MEDIA: Bungoma Governor Wyclife Wangamati (left) is hosted by Ken Indimuli on Nyota TV in Bungoma on March 31, 2020. IMAGE/COURTESY

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati was on Tuesday 31st March, 2020 put to task to explain the missing Ksh100 million meant for the emergency kitty.

While appearing on Nyota TV during the 7PM prime news, Governor Wangamati vividly struggled to explain how his government has utilized the Sh100 million that the County received from the Treasury.

According to the law, every County government is required to set aside at least 2 percent of the total budget for emergency kitty.

During the 2019/2020 financial year, Bungoma received Ksh100 million from the treasury to aid in emergency outcomes including famine, floods, fire outbreaks in schools and pandemics such as the now whooping Coronavirus.

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However, Governor Wangamati was on spot last week when his administration had to reportedly borrow Ksh6.9 million from the Bungoma County Referral Hospital to aid in preparations for the anti-COVID 19 campaign, raising questions on the fate of the emergency kitty funds.

But when asked about the funds, the actuarial openly claimed that the funds meant for the emergency kitty had already been ‘used’ as they year was already ending.

“We normally have Sh100 million every year for the emergency kitty in Bungoma County but as we come to the end of this financial year, we have already used part of the money… on building bridges, on floods, etc,” Wangamati told Ken Indimuli during the live interview.

“We are now working on reaching out to the national government with a supplementary budget to raise that money back to the County.”

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But when pinned down on how the Governor has spent all that money, the Governor fumbled that the money is also used to pay allowances to MCAs during training on the Coronavirus.

Here is the conversation:

Indimuli: Kwa hivo hujaguza hiyo pesa bado?

Gov Wangamati: Pesa tumeguza, tumeanza kuguza kidogo kidogo… tukiendelea mbele…

Indimuli: Kidogo kidogo ndiyo gani Mheshimiwa?

Gov Wangamati: Kidogo kidogo ile ya awareness ya kuenda mbele, hiyo… (short silence)

Indimuli: Mheshimiwa sikupati, awareness ndiyo gani kwa sababu sijaona awareness yeyote…

Gov Wangamati: Awareness ndiyo huwa tuna-train ma ma-nurses, madaktari na tuko tunaleta ma MCAs tunawa-train, si tunawapatia ma-allowances?

However, it’s not clear why the Wangamati should spend money training MCAs on Coronavirus especially during this time when expenses should be keenly watched.

During his campaign, one of his manifesto was to curb wastage of public resources. However, if any of the latest developments is anything to go with, then Governor Wangamati could be sabotaging his own promises.

Nevertehless, Governor Wangamati was suspiciously not able to state the exact money that was still on the account of the emergency kitty.

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Wangamati Fumbles on Live TV to Explain the Missing Sh100 Million Emergency Kitty

  1. I feel there have been enough awareness created, and what the county government should be doing is to help its people survive the epidermic; facilitae the measure put in place to reduce the spread of the virus. Buy and supply masks, sanitizer, equip the hosipitals, facilitate the poor, street kids, police,etc etc

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