VIDEO: Life Care Hospital Puts Measures to Curb Infection of Coronavirus

A pitched tent at the entrance of Life Care Hospitals Bungoma. The hospital has put measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus. PHOTO/COURTESY.
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MEDIA: A pitched tent at the entrance of Life Care Hospitals Bungoma. The hospital has put measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus. PHOTO/COURTESY.

As governments, institutions and organisations put measures to curb the arrest the spread of the Coronavirus, hospitals have not been left behind.

Apart from being part of the major solutions in the fight against the fight against the pandemic, the medical staffs are also at the risk of being victims.

To ensure the safety of everyone, Life Care Hospital is among the health providers that have taken the bold move to ensure that patients as well as the staff are protected from any infection.

While conducting an internal training of the entire staff, Medical Superintendent Dr. Kevin Rombosia put his team through an intense training right from receiving the patient suspected to be infected by the virus to the isolation room.

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Ambulance drivers and crew were also trained to handle the cases in case of an emergency.

Anyone who accompanies the patient will also have to be monitored and thoroughly protected to avoid any spread.

Nurses receiving the patients as well as the doctors were also taken through the required steps to ensure the patients and anyone else at the facility is safe.

“We have also put the sanitisers at the main entrance and anyone entering or leaving the hospital MUST be screened cleansed with the sanitzers,” said Dr. Rombosia in an interview with this writer.

The screening involves the use of an infrared thermometer, also known as infrared gun that detects a patient’s body temperature from a distance of 1.0 metres. Other clinical observation like flue and breathing problems are also observed and the patients taken through a questionnaire to rule establish if you recently traveled from a country known to have recorded corona cases or interacted with somebody you suspect to be infected.

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Visitors are also required to have a mandatory hand-washing with sanitisers at the gate. According to Life Care’s Medical Superitendent Dr. Kevin Rombosia, patients or visitors coming to the hospital for screening are advised to travel alone and avoiding any close conduct with other people.

By the time of posting this article, over 300 visitors had been screened and none has so far been found to posses any symptoms of the COVID-19.

The hospital has also put measures to avoid patients or visitors coming close to each other. In the waiting room, patients are sitting at least two metres apart to avoid any infection.

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“The most vital exercise in stopping this coronavirus is actually tradition of washing hands thoroughly.”

So far, no case has been reported in Bungoma County.

“As a Hospital that values the health of our community, we will continue to sensitize the residents to remain safe throughout this brave fight,” he added.

The practice is expected to continue for the next 90 days until things have calmed down.

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