VIDEO: DCI Destroy Over 80,000 Litres of Smuggled Milk

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Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on Friday destroyed over 80,000 litres of smuggled milk and milk products, which had been seized earlier this year.

This was following a court order to the Ministry of Health which ordered the destruction of the milk, which was found unfit for human consumption after various tests.

“Smuggled Milk and milk products seized early this year by DCI Detectives and which upon testing by various specialized bodies were found to be unfit for human consumption, was yesterday and today destroyed following a court order to the Ministry of Health and subsequent authorization from Ministry Of Health to the DCI” read the statement.

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According to the investigative department, over 77,000 litres of fresh milk, yogurt and ghee products had been impounded, with the products coming from Lato Diaries and Dodla Dairy Kenya Limited.

“The over 77,772L of fresh milk, 2,760L of yogurt and 772L of Ghee impounded from both Musty Distribution Kenya Ltd branded Lato Dairies and Dodla Dairy Kenya Ltd branded Top Dairies were destroyed under the supervision of multi-agency teams, including representatives from the National Public Health, Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, directors of both companies and DCI officers,” they said.

In a video seen exclusively by Wakajuness.Com, the thousands of packets disposed at the field are seen being destroyed by an excavator, which runs over them amid onlooking people.

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DCI revealed that upon testing, some of the seized products that had been found fit for consumption were released back to the companies for distribution. They have since warned those supplying products unfit for human consumption that they will be tracked and subjected to the full force of the law.

“The DCI warns those hell-bent on supplying products that are poisonous and/or unfit for human consumption out of sheer greed for money, that no effort will be spared in tracking them down and subjecting them to the full force of the law” they warned.


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