Video: Another Chinese Contractor Filmed Assaulting Kenyan Worker in Nairobi

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A Chinese Contractor was on Thursday September 17th, 2020, caught on camera assaulting a Kenyan worker at a construction site in Nairobi.

The incident, which was zoomed in by a secret amateur camera by a passerby, took place at Wangige area where a
Bypass to Two Rivers is being constructed.

According to the source who shared the footage with us and requesting for anonymity for fear of being victimized, the unarmed Chinese man wearing a blue pair of jeans and a white N95 face mask, is said to harbour the routine of assaulting the Kenyan workers.

“Wakajuaness, this has just happened a few minutes ago when I was leaving the house. I couldn’t record properly because I was in a hurry when I found them fighting, ” said the source as he shared the video below this post.

“As I was leaving, one of the construction workers noticed me and told me that the Chinese guy has made it a routine to assault Kenyan workers at will.”

This is not the first time the Chinese citizens are caught on camera assaulting Kenyan workers.

In early February 2020, Kenya police arrested four Chinese migrant workers following a widely circulated video appearing to show one of them caning a Kenyan worker for arriving late at a restaurant they all worked at in Nairobi.

The video sparked outrage by many Kenyans on social media who likened it to the treatment of Kenyans by British colonists or slavery.

According to the police, three of those arrested did not have valid work permits while one had an expired visitors visa.

In April this year, African ambassadors in China had to write to the country’s foreign minister over what they called discrimination against Africans as the country sought to prevent a resurgence of the coronavirus, which originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan last December.

Several African countries demanded that China address their concerns that Africans, in particular in the southern city of Guangzhou, were being mistreated and harassed.

Africans in Guangzhou had reportedly being evicted from their apartments by their Chinese landlords, being tested for coronavirus several times without being given results, and being shunned and discriminated against in public.

The Kenyan government has always trusted the Chinese in the construction of multi-million projects, something that has not gone down well with a large section of Kenyans.

The police have already arrived at the scene.

Hawa wa chingu wasituzoee mazee. Here is the video.


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