Unmasking County Chief-of-Staff Allan Chenane Whose Apetite for Power Even Surprises the Governor

Towards the end of last week, photos of a fenced perimeter wall surfaced on social media platforms showing the makeshift perimeter eating space into an apparently expanded access road in the outskirts of Bungoma town.

This is because the County CECM for Roads and Infrastructure Eng. Collins Barasa Mukhongo and his Chief Officer Mr. Maurice Marango have been leading an operation to expand access roads across the county, bringing down structures erected on soils meant for public roads.

It turned out that among the affected included a prime land belonging to one of the senior county employees known for his obsession with power. That man is Allan Chenane, the Chief-of-Staff.

Immediately the bulldozers brought down his perimeter wall, Mr Chenane allegedly instructed his security guards manning the property to erect a makeshift perimeter wall back ‘into’ the road and also instructed them to take photos of any county official who visits the site and send them to him via WhatsApp, one of his aids told this writer, requesting for anonymity.

It’s at this extend that some county officials got agitated with the said guard and even visited him with some January gifts of kicks and blows.

An aerial-taken video shared by a fellow blogger on whatsapp forums on Sunday evening shows a group of two men and one lady all believed to work at the County in various capacities kicking a guard as a female voice shouts at them begging them to stop the attacks.

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Sources who have talked to this site and requested for privacy have claimed that the county officers  who had visited the site were provoked by the guard who threatened them with a sack from his boss Chenane, a move which prompted a WhatsApp group of kicks and blows from the irate officials.

The staff vowed to not respect anyone who disrespects their County Boss and will fight for the governor day and night and have been ‘credited’ for bringing order in the County Assembly by physically beating some of irritant MCAs and were over the weekend heard at a joint vowing to teach Mr. Chenane a lesson should he dare step into his office.

However, it’s not clear whether the said attackers are the same in the evening footages as the video was not clear with the faces even though one body frame, figure and the walking style of the shoulders of the characters in the video resembles that of County Director of Communications Mr. Timothy Machi with the lady in the clip also resembling a popular lady who severally accompanies Mr. Machi on various official and nose-official duties.

Several leaders including Governor Wycliffe Wangamati himself came out raging fire, affirming that ‘the expansion of roads will continue as planned without favouring anyone regardless of their social status or positions in governments’.

The move has now exposed Mr Chenane as one individual who feels untouchable in all corners and those fighting him should better lamba lolo.

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Officers at the County are looking into the ownership of a piece of land he is said to have grabbed and hired goons from neighbouring country Uganda to guard with an iron eye.

A source privy to the tendering process has told the editor of this site that Mr. Chenane has allegedly “grabbed” almost all tenders from supplies to roads and is said to intimidate officials to hand him the tenders that include supplies of tissue papers.

Due to this kind of obsession, several officers say he fights anyone who happens to come close to the governor, fearing he might be short-changed.

He is understood to be the man who fanned an imaginary war between the Senator Moses Wetang’ula and Governor Wangamati after fearing that the duo’s close friendship would land the Senator a crucial tender he was was already eying. 


This even comes at a time when he is doing nothing that can positively enhance the Governor’s delivery provided he earns what he wants.

It’s not the first time Mr Chenane is trending in bad light.

In December 2017, a judge in Bungoma had to summon Mr Chenane for threatening lawyer Anuar Mohamed who was representing the Teso Community Group in a case challenging Governor Wangamati’s appointments which included Chenane himself. The case was however settled outside the court.

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Early in 2015, the monstrous cancer of corruption had just swallowed the entire Jubilee Government lead by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President William Ruto prompting the head of state to address the parliament on the 28th of March, 2015 with one of the agenda being to name the infamous #ListOfShame that consisted of public servants who were on the radar of the anti-graft watchdogs.

Among those the NTV tweeted as named on the shameful list and sent packing was former Lands Cabinet Secretary-turned Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, AFC chair Patrick Osero, National Water Conservation acting Chief Executive Evans Ngibuini and KPC MD Charles Tonui.

But then there was this CEO at Tourism Fund/Catering Levy Trustee Mr Allan Chenane who did not escape the red ink.

Mr Chenane has since become the total man in the County Government of Bungoma even after controversial loggerheads with the public servants vetting committee which ended in court.

This Man Chenane!


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