Uncertainty as ‘Grammar College’ Nabongo TTC Fails to Graduate Last Year’s Daystar Students

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Close to fifty students at Nabongo Teachers Training College in Bungoma are crying foul after the college failed to graduate them a year since the completion of their courses.

According to some of the students who talked to this writer on condition of anonymity due to the fear of being victimized by the institution, the victims are part of the students who enrolled at Nabongo TTC but as Daystar students.

The students claim they have already paid the required Ksh10,000 graduation fee and that Nabongo, which is then responsible for the facilitation of their graduation, has mysteriously sidelined them.

According to our source, the students were part of the beneficiaries of a contract signed between the two learning institutions in 2014 where Nabongo TTC would then admit Daystar Students at her facility and graduate them as Daystar University products.

One of the buildings at Nabongo TTC with writings suggesting they have a collaboration with Daystar University. PHOTO/COURTESY

However, the students say the contract was apparently terminated after they completed their courses but with no graduation for them so far.

Their inquiries to both the institutions have proved futile. Their colleagues at the main campus in Nairobi whom they enrolled together on the same year are said to have already graduated immediately they completed their course last year.

When this writer contacted the Director of Nabongo TTC Mrs Dorothy Saiaa, she rudely disconnected the call without giving any further comments.

Nabongo TTC Director Ms Dorothy Saiaa. PHOTO/COURTESY

Their counterparts Daystar University customer care line +254709972000 confirmed having such a contract but referred us to the University’s Chief Registrar Mr Paul Mbutu who has not yet returned our emails despite being reminded by his secretaries.

Nabongo TTC recently became a laughing stock on WhatsApp forums when one of their adverts running on local TV channel Tandao Television captures one of their top students in the advert saying, “Nabongo is a place where you should be there.”

The affected students are now calling on the Ministry of Higher Education to intervene.








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