Trump’s Former Security Adviser John Bolton to Publish Book About His Time in The White House

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US President Donald Trump’s former security adviser John Bolton is set to publish his book about his time in the White House by the end of this month, even if the White House does not give the approval for its publication.

According to CNN, Mr. John is scheduled to release his book dubbed ‘The Room Where It Happened: A White Memoir’ on 23rd June.

Bolton has scheduled series of network interviews to promote the book, according to sources. However, his spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

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Bolton’s lawyers have been involved in a battle with White House over the content, and Trump’s administration has raised concerns about the publication of classified information that according to White House is protected by executive privilege.

On 26 January, The New York Times reported that Bolton, in his unpublished manuscript, alleged that Trump directed him to help with his pressure campaign to get damaging information on Democrats from Ukraine.

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He also alleged that Trump didn’t want to lift a hold on military aid to Ukraine until their officials complied with the request. His lawyers condemned the leak behind the manuscript a signal that the content exposed by The New York Times might be true.

In the US. the President, his deputy, and some agency heads designated by the president have broad activity over classifying or declassifying information.

“The president is really empowered by words in this executive authority.” Said J William Leonard a former deputy of defense.

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Bolton’s team has prepared for the possibility that the administration may try to retroactively classify some of the content in his book, although it will be difficult for White House to stop the publication following loopholes in Executive order 13526.

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