Third Key Alliance: The New Sheriff in Matoke Politics, Gusiiland?

The Gusii region has captured hot political debates with the region being on the radar of political analysts following recent hues and attempts by many politicians to unify the region.

This comes at a time when the region has been expressing dissatisfaction with the incumbent governor’s “ridiculous looting spree” and an unprecedented run of knee-jack reactions on his last term in office. Many questions have been raised on who will be passed the mantle in the 2022 elections and who owns the key to Gusii unity.

Political observers tip the Third Key Alliance, an agile youth movement in Kisii town, to call the shots in Gusii politics based on their recent moves. The movement, which began as a community-based organization meant to empower and protect the youth out of economic and social marginalization, isolation as well as discrimination via various income-generating activities has seemed to achieve another tremendous milestone; Uniting the artists of the county.

The Third Key, through its Patron, Charles Matoke, has helped the region achieve a self-sustaining generation of artists by organizing concerts, roadshows, campaigns, and events meant to unite the artists. This came in handy after the county government failed to live up to its promise of building an Art Center to tap the underutilized artistic resources.

The organization has also been championed for helping local decorated artists such as Ong’eng’o, Miggy, and Mc. Jiggy performs shows abroad.

The Third Key Alliance party logo. IMAGE/COURTESY

In a conversation with Jonathan Momanyi, the movement’s chairperson, he asserted that there is no going back for the Kisii youth until they have been heard and well-represented.


“The beautiful and peaceful electorate of Gusii nation has been burdened by the incompetence and repetitive cycle of corruption in its leadership. The county government has neglected its people, and there is no hope for young people. There is nothing this county has done successfully. We cannot ignore the pleas and cries of the people we represent, and the Third Key will correct this,” he said.

The sentiments were echoed by their Secretary-General Philip Sagwe in one of their shows referred to as The Third Key Ban Notice happening every Friday 5 pm-8 pm who accused the governor of presiding over an unprecedented looting era.

What is their political Affiliation?

Most people have raised eyebrows on social media sites on which side the movement is affiliated. This has come at an opportune time when DP Ruto has been camping in the region seeking to pocket the Matoke votes. The Kisii County Deputy Governor has also been accused of rallying behind the DP just before he shifted camp and supported the BBI.

Other people have associated the alliance with the flamboyant politician Don Bosco Gichana who stated during his homecoming after five years imprisonment in Tanzania that he was open for consultations with other political leaders.

However, in one of their shows conducted from the Third Key headquarters in Kisii town, the movement appeared to fearlessly defend CS Matiang’ i following recent exchanges in Kirinyaga painting him as Uhuru’s hatchet man.

Another key figure in their political landscape is Charles Chweya Matoke-a US-based politician who has been speaking to no end and telling anyone who cares to listen that the Gusii region needs politicians with proven abilities to deliver the region from the bondage of corruption, incompetence, and looting that has cost numerous taxpayer resources.

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