The Uncertainties and Twists Emerging in Secondary School Ball Games

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Following the 2019 term two ball games held in several parts of Kenya, the public has expressed much discomfort on the management of KSSSA games that was marred with a lot of irregularities that led to filing of cases by several schools in courts.

We have seen schools being disqualified on the basis of fielding non students and others not obeying the 90 day rule of a student who has transferred from one school to another before participating in school games.

KSSSA and school principal’s have not come out clearly on why the vice is radiating on an alarming rate . Certain schools have submerged in the vice of poaching locals and kids from schools that could not qualify for the next stage in football competition.

Such cases has been witnessed in Nyanza where Barding and Western where St Peter’s Mumias were disqualified and banned by KSSSA for fielding and harbouring non students.

The affected schools were just banned and principal’s warned though zero legal measures of KSSSA was not seen to crack a whip to cub the vice.

Apart from the two schools being punished, Kibabii was on it again after Ebwali secondary school filed a case for fielding a student who had not completed the 90-day rule. Consequently, Kibabii lost the case in favor of Ebwali despite winning a case against St Peter’s School.

The jury reached the decision after investigations were contacted and presented before the court before the ruling.

Despite all the evidence that was tabled before the jury, certain schools have termed it a baseless and hearsay evidence. They have vowed to petition it against the national KSSSA to seek justice despite a consensus reached by western region KSSSA that Ebwali will represent western region in national level together with Archbishop Njega Girls for under 19 category.

As we wait for the National KSSSA decision, schools should stop the vice of poaching non students and posing then as students by crafty means. This has made local talent to be exploited at a tender age thus not lasting for more than fifteen years in local leagues.

It has also made schools not to have a genuine and self made reputation as soccer giants through self made efforts.

Most kids who were genuinely admitted in those respective schools have been denied a chance to explore their talent in expense of the poached students who mascaraed as ‘professional footballers’ in those schools.

Wrapping up on this issue, KSSSA and ministry of education should come out clearly on why football is the only game that the jury decides who features to play who in certain stage of the competition through court cases.

Let kids enjoy and explore their talent at their rightful age as they know the main of joining secondary schools. Talent works best with brains and papers thus one is valued by the society as a mentor and not a failure in life.

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