The Little Known about the Departed Mama Selina Nasike Wangamati

As local and international leaders trickle in their condolence messages to the family of Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati following the death of his mother, little is known about the late Mama Selina Nasike Wangamati.

Apparently, the late Mama Selina Nasike Wangamati was a woman who preferred a low-key life despite her achievements both at family and social level.

Her low profile that kept her away from the limelight might tempt you to assume that she may not attract several paragraphs until you dig deeper into who she really was.

Mama Selina Nasike Wangamati has immensely contributed a lot to this society.

She was a pioneer nutrition nurse in Bungoma County at a time when the field of nutrition was little known in this region. She worked at various hospitals including Bumula and Bungoma County Referral Hospital then called Bungoma District Hospital.

During her earlier tenure at the Bungoma County Referral Hospital, she influenced the establishment of a Nutrition Wing where children with malnutrition and not necessarily sick, were taken care of until they had regained stability. By then, issues to do with balanced diet amongst local children were a big concern due to lack of enough civil education to parents and guardians as well as poverty level.

She has continuously agitated for health matters while volunteering to participate in community health awareness during her time. Her participation changed the way parents bring up their children with the nutrition standards improving in the region and cases of malnutrition dropping tremendously.

Mama Selina was not just a mother. She was a mother and a ‘father’ as well. During the brutal political era, her husband Mzee Patrick Wangamati, being a political agitator, rubbed shoulders with the President Moi regime. As a result, his life was in danger due to his political stand and subsequently fled to Ghana for exile.

As a caring and determined mother in the society, Mama Selina had to assume the role of a mother, father and teacher at the same time, enduring everything to bring up her children on thin and straight.

Her children grew up better, determined and focused beyond nobody’s imagination to an extent of becoming respected figures in the society. For instance, his son Wycliffe Wangamati studied one of the most lucrative courses called Actuarial Science, running big corporate societies both local and international before becoming the second Governor of the amazing Bungoma County.

Many will remember her for her farming prowess where she employed dozens of casual workers in her farm. During those days, farming was the biggest economic venture that inspired locals.

Mama Selina Nasike Wangamati passed on on Wednesday morning at her Kanduyi home while in her peaceful sleep, aged 82.

Burial arrangements are already underway to give her a befitting send off.

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