The Bigger Picture Uhuru isn’t Seeing in His Defence for the IEBC

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President Uhuru should realize that electoral fraud can affect anybody including himself

On thousands of occasions, National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate Raila Odinga has slammed the electoral body of unconstituional handling of Kenya’s election.

First, he started in 2007 with the then Electoral Commission of Kenya – ECK), then IEBC both in 2013 and 2017.

Mr Odinga had also tagged the Supreme Court in his constant criticism of the election process in the country.

This is after he lost both the 2013 election and petition against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Contrary to this, Mr Kenyatta has chosen to defend the said institutions not because they were instrumental in processing his victory but perhaps because he has not seen any black blood to soil them in the media.

However, as one musician sang, Bindu Bichenjanga (things change), it was not business as usual after the Supreme Court that Uhuru has passionately hailed for four years overturned his August victory.

Addressing the media at the State House after the Chief Justice David Maraga-verdict, a seemingly weakened president Uhuru immediately cursed the judicial institution for the ruling and went ahead to “accept” the ruling.

“I don’t agree with the court but I will accept the ruling,” he said with his Deputy President William Ruto wired himself behind him.

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The globally hailed ruling was apparently received with a rude shock at the State House. Why? Because Mr Kenyatta had invested all his emotions, confidence and reality in both the IEBC and the Supreme Court.

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Prior to the petition, the man who was born and raised at the State House when his father was the country’s first ever president, had urged the opposition to accept the results or move to court, which Mr Odinga did. This showed the high voltage level of confidence the head of state had in the Supreme Court.

And even after the petition challenging his victory had been filed, the unmovedUhuru still “ordered” the opposition leader to accept the court verdict and threatened any move by Raila that may hinder the progress of peace and tranquillity across the country.

Shock is the word! Uhuru termed the judges “wakora” or “tricksters” for nullifying his victory.

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The court he has defended with all his heart, trusted with all his chest, loved with all his air and valued with all his ornaments now became the court he loathes with all his intestines.

Among the major highlights the court found in the petition was the intensity of irregularities and illegalities the electoral body committed during the election process. The claims by NASA leader Raila Odinga that the IEBC had bungled election results now became a reality besides being termed a “perennial loser” by the Washington Post.

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In respond to the hyphens of evidence tabled in court, IEBC failed to verify where they got the final results they used to declare President Uhuru as the winner. The IEBC also defiled the court order to allow full access to the servers, a motive the majority judges questioned suspiciously.

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Basing on the full judgement of the four majority judges, it’s obvious that the IEBC conducted a shambolic election and that’s the reason it’s under constant attacks by the opposition.

But Uhuru is pampering his ardent support for the body that is responsible for the nullification of his victory.

One thing Uhuru needs to know is that at this point, he should be speaking on the same line with the opposition leader on efforts to bring electoral reforms ahead of the fresh presidential election on October 26th.

What amazes pundits is how Uhuru is not moved at all by the findings the court wrote about the IEBC. Doesn’t Uhuru feel the pain of losing his victory to a petition because of a bogus electoral body? Why is Uhuru so confident with the IEBC?

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With this kind of pressure, what will stop the same officials from conducting another sham election, leading us back to the Supreme Court?

Two, what if the same IEBC commits the same illegalities again but this time round, to declare the NASA leader Raila Amollo Odinga as the president-elect?

The same shock Uhuru received from the Supreme Court he cherished will now be smoked to the electoral body he is defending.

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The worst thing will be if Uhuru moves to the Supreme Court he has abused as wakora to nullify Raila’s election!

What Uhuru advisors should now be doing to the head of state is painting this kind of picture and championing for electoral reforms.

The moment President Uhuru will realize that this election is not about Raila Amollo Odinga is the moment he will realise that this election is actually not about Raila Amollo Odinga, but about the bigger picture ahead.

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