Tension Mounts Ahead of Final Announcement as Abduba Dida Tells IEBC to Postpone Results 

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By Simiyu Simiyu 

Speaking to the media a few minutes ago, Mr Dida has alleged the IEBC of hurrying to announce the presidential results amid mounting tension across the country. Comic presidential candidate in the just concluded elections Abduba Dida has told the Interim Electoral and Bounderies Commission (IEBC) to hold on the results until NASA’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga brings down his tallying centre from the “clouds” for comparison. 

According to the electoral body’s portal, President Uhuru Kenyatta is leading with 8,100,000 votes  (rounded off) against Mr Odinga’s 6,800,000. 

NASA has since rejected the provisional results and ordered IEBC to announce the results according to the uploaded Forms 34A which, according to the Odinga team, show that Raila is ahead with 8,109,090 against Uhuru’s 7,700,001. 

Earlier on, Mr Odinga had claimed that the IEBC’s server was hacked and the intruders changed figures in favour of the incumbent president. 

Out of the 8 presidential candidates, only three have conceded defeat; Mr Wainaina, Mr Ekuro Aukot and Mr Siras Jorongo.

“IEBC should hold their horses and compare the results with NASA.” Said Mr Dida. “If it will be difficult, then let them face out Jubilee and NASA and announce the 3rd leading contestant as the new president.” He added.

So far, the contestant with third-most garnered votes is independent candidate Joe Nyaggah. 

Currently, NASA leaders, Deputy President and the President are on their way to Bomas as the IEBC Chairman Eliud Chebukati is set to announce the winner of the presidential race.

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