Ten Challenges the Youth can Overcome to Succeed in Life

NASA co-Principal Musalia Mudavadi addressing a political rally in Bungoma. Most of those who attend these rallies are the youth. (PHOTO: SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS)

We are entering the second half of the year 2017, the year that, like many others, was ushered in with glamour, pomp and colour. 

On the very new day, among the top topics that were trending on Twitter was #MyNewYearsResolutions. Most of the tweeps who tweeted about this topic were the youth.

Though comics never ceased to pop up in such a topic, most of those who tweeted actually sounded serious with life.

Six months down the line, it’s not surprising to note that that was just a hyped hashtag and due to various challenges, that life has not changed much.

Today, this writer looks into ten challenges that the youth can overcome to make a progress in life.

1. Inferiority complex. This is simply the inner fear, lack of confidence or feeling that one cannot achieve something. Many youth are perishing in life, abandoning their dreams because they naturally feel they cannot attain them. The youth need to install confedence in themselves and now work harder to reach their dreams.

2.  Age/Culture: In a society where success is considered to only belong to the elderly, the youth tent to feel they are “less qualified” and therefore waiting for a perfect time to succeed. Most people who have succeeded in life started from a very young age and this is what they young generation should bare in mind.

3. Pride: A very dangerous aspect in life, some youths have gone to an extent of sidelining some jobs, especially casual ones for fear of being despised by their peers forgetting that those “little” jobs might be a stepping stone to greater things in life.

4. Wrong priorities: Life can turn you upside down if you pick your priorities wrongly. Many youth are engaging in early marriages and sexual activities at the expense of pursuing studies. As a result, they end up ruining their future that could have earlier been shaped.

5. Family economic status: Though we do understand that some families are financially struggling, this should not be a hyphen for the young nation to shy away from achieving their targets.  There’re successful people in the world who, besides coming from poor backgrounds, still believed in themselves and made it to the top. A big example is US president Barack Obama. The youth can learn from this democratic icon to make change.

6. Religion: There are some religions that have limited their younger ones from doing certain activities. Limiting the girl-child from attaining academic peaks only damages the future of our youth. The youth should resist any terrible religious obstacles to achieve in life.

7. Negative attitude: Some youths have just given up in life. Their attitude towards life is wanting, perhaps due to drug abuse. To achieve in life, one must first care for him or herself, to avoid any dangers that may ruin their future.

8. Laziness: Some have just “refused” to look for jobs or exploit their talent, thus, ending up poor. No one succeeds without working hard.

9. Gambling: The entry of gambling companies has further complicated the youthful generation. For instance, most youths now in villages, colleges and at work spend most of their valuable time gambling and end up loosing thousands of their hard-earned cash on betting instead of even investing in other more reliable projects.

10. Ingoring moral values of life: Moral values like honesty,  hard-work, respecting others and being prayerful are vital for one’s success. Several youths have been arrested robbing houses to reap where they did not sow. Anything you’ve stolen does not honestly belong to you. Such temptations may only land you into trouble with the authorities for dozens of years behind bars. Praying to God to bless the little that you have to greater heights is humbly important. 

With another six months to go before we hug the end of this year 2016, it’s not too late to change tact and realize your new year’s resolutions.

Finally, sometime back in high school, my Biology teacher, Mr Ben Sifuna, once gave us a life lecture and my most memorable statement he made was: A poor man does not know how to eat with a rich person; when they eat fish, he eats the head. When he is given a free potato,  he yawns. 

Have a successful Sunday.

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Simiyu Wakajuaness

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