Suspected Jailbird Lynched Stealing Gas Cylinder in Police Neighbourhood, Bungoma

Onlookers view the body of the suspect. PHOTO/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS
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(Onlookers view the body of the suspect. PHOTO/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS)

A suspected middle-aged jailbird was on Monday 27th July, 2020, lynched by angry neighbours when he was nabbed breaking into a house belonging to a police inspector.

The incident, which happened at around 3.30am in Bungoma town, saw the life of the unidentified man come to and end when his attempt to sneak away with a gas cylinder was thwarted by neighbours.

According to an eye witness and victim of the suspect’s brutality during the night, the man broke into the officer’s house just forty metres from the Bungoma Administration Camp near Bethesda Church but was thwarted on the way.

“I heard a commotion from the officer’s house and when I went to see what was happening, a man emerged with a crude weapon and attacked me on my right arm and thigh,” said a man who identified himself as Mr. Straton Onyango, 56.

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“But I put on a spirited fight and as he escaped, I raised an alarm and the neighbours caught him. The owner of the house had traveled to a different town for a week now.”

Mr. Onyango narrated to Wakajuaness.Com that the neighbours inquired about his origin and the suspect claimed that he comes from Lwakhakha on the Kenya-Uganda border but he was found with two ID cards; one belonging to a known County Government driver who was recently robbed and another one reading the name of a Bumula Sub-County resident.

It is suspected that the robbers walk with fake ID cards from the people they have robbed so that when they are nabbed, they drop the ID’s to foul the residents about their real identity.

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According to the witness, angry neighbours burnt him with hot water before lynching him in the wee hours near the gate of Bungoma High School.

Ironically, the suspect was lynched just 400 metres from the Bungoma Police station and within a stone-throw-away distance from the AP camp.

A Bungoma Prisons officer who requested for anonymity as he is not authorized to speak on behalf of the institution, testified to this writer that the suspect is a known robber by the name Musosi and had recently been released from jail.

Residents have rued the rising cases of insecurity in the area during the night curfew hours despite the estate housing a Prison, a police Station and police camp within a radius of 500 metres.

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The police took the body to Bungoma County Referral Mortuary for preservation.

This comes a day after police arrested three Ugandans in Mashambani area after they were accused of conning Kenyans with fake witchcraft miracles.

Neigbours claim that the said residence houses six Ugandan men and one woman and have been a threat to local security as no one knows the kind of job they do, until a ‘disappointed client’ stormed back to the house asking for a refund of her money.

Two of the Ugandans escaped.

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