Strengths and Weaknesses: A Sneak Preview of Wangamati’s Performance So Far

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On August 21, 2017, Governor Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati took the oath of office – making a commitment to serve God, keep his fidelity to the law and work for the people of Bungoma.

Tomorrow- Friday 18th Sep, 2020, the County Chief will be holding his state of the County address live from Kibabii University in Bungoma.

The Kenyan law allows the President and Governors to be giving state of Government(s) address on a yearly basis to update the citizens on what they have done using the taxpayers money.

Initially, the Governor has been doing this via the County Assembly but tomorrow’s address is seen as a way to address all the stakeholders directly.

Among the issues the Governor will seek to address include the health sector, curbing wastage of public resources, the state of infrastructure, education from ECD to Std 8, Business and partnership with local and international interests as well as youth empowerment.

The event will stream live on social media and will broadcast on KTN and a number of local media stations to reach more masses.

As a publisher, I will try to vector in details on how the County has performed so far and where the Big Man must improve if he wants to leave a serious legacy behind.


  • -Over 17,000 farmers have received 10kgs of maize seed, 50kgs of planting fertilizer and 50kgs of top dressing fertilizer in 2020 – through the subsidy programme.
  • -Introduced Tractor Hire to help less fortunate farmers plough their farms at a subsidised cost of Sh2,500 down from Sh5,000 per acre.

  • -Construction of a milk processing plant in Webuye to help pasteurize, process and package various dairy products is nearing completion. This will enable dairy farmers to have their milj processed locally.
  • -Built two coffee mills in Musese in Kabuchai and Chesikaki in Mt Elgon complete with weighbridges and warehouses to boost coffee farming in the region. For the first time, Bungoma coffee will be milled in Bungoma, stored in Bungoma and sold directly from Bungoma. The two factories, now operational, have a combined milling capacity of milling 2.4 tonnes per hour.
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  • -Rehabilitated Chwele farm’s 28 fish ponds to produce fingerlings.
  • -Set up the recirculating technology to support production of mono-sex fish species to help optimize growth and ensure better returns for farmers keen on profits. Currently, the fish farm is suppling 112 farmers owning 3,400 fish ponds in the County.
  • -County has handed out up to 5,000 tonnes of cotton seeds to farmers in parts of Sirisia and Bumula to revive the Malakisi Cotton industry


  • -The Governor’s Scholarship Fund, by January 2020, had seen a total of 1,500 bright but needy students from Bungoma County join high/national schools.
  • -The initiative is increasingly gaining the support of well-wishers including Bungoma County Business Community, KCB and Cooperative Bank who are contributing to the kitty.

  • -Close to 70,000 needy students in County schools have benefited from County bursaries over the last three.
  • -Upgrading 10 Vocational Training Centres into Centres of Excellence to improve the quality of technical skills training, increasing enrollment as well as improving employment of trainees from these centres. Already, Wekelekha and Muteremko Vocational Centres have a new look to them. Wekelekha, whose first phase of the upgrade is complete, is already manufacturing County uniforms and masks as part of the County’s efforts to stem the spread of the novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) in the County.
  • -Muteremuko, which has been established as a centre of excellence for Automotive Technology, is complete and only awaiting installation of equipment for motor vehicle repair services.

Early Childhood Education

  • – 1,148 teachers holding certificates had their salaries increased from Sh8,000 to Sh23,363. Diploma holders totaling 928 had their salary increased from Sh9,000 to Sh28,364 per month.
  • -Built 212 ECDE classrooms. In Kitai in Kibingei, Governor Wangamati has finished construction of a model ECDE class complete with two big classrooms, staff room, store as well as kitchen.
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  • -Constructing a 300-bed capacity maternity wing at the Bungoma Referral to boost maternal health
  • -Renovated and boosted equipment of all the nine sub county hospitals.
  • -Introduced a new state-of-the-art dental unit and a 9-bed ICU. Also equipped with modern gym equipment is the physiotherapy department.
  • -Hired more than 500 healthcare workers among them medical doctors, clinical officers, nurses, lab technologists, as well as physiotherapists to boost human resource.
  • -Curbed health workers strikes since 2017
  • -Put 3,300 Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) on a monthly stipend in what is designed to motivate them to play an even greater role in primary healthcare.
  • -Bought 4 state-of-the-art ambulances, adding up to 18 ambulances distributed across 9 sub-counties.
  • -In partnership with the Office of the First Lady, the Department of Health has carried out 5 medical camps, including 2 fistula camps in which 150 women had corrective surgeries
  • -In conjunction with the Office of The First Lady – Bungoma – collecting 500 pints of blood every month
  • -MoUs with suppliers to ensure constant supply and delivery of drugs at short notice.
  • -Bought generators for 7 facilities –  Mechimeru, Kimilili, Kapsokwony, Sinoko, Chwele, Bumula and Sirisia to curb constant power outages.

Roads and Infrastructure

  • -Constructing the 6.4km Kanduyi-Musikoma Dual Carriageway.
  • -Completed 19km from 1.5km in Tongaren that had been done on the 40km Misikhu-Brigadier Road in 2016-17
  • -Through the Department of Lands, Housing and Urban Planning, the County Government has over the last 2 years upgraded several urban earth roads to AC tarmac standards. This include Kanduyi-Makutano, Shariff Centre-Prisons and Mama Fanta cabro works in Bungoma town and Riziki-DC-Slaughterhouse and Kimilili-Junction to St Luke’s Kimilili Boys’ High School in Kimilili municipality.
  • -Constructed over 40 bridges, box culverts and drifts over the last 3 years
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  • -An estimated 400,000 people have been connected to water supply mains between 2018 and 2020.
  • -Completed the first phase of KOICA Water Supply Project billed at Sh450 million. The project serves 152,956 people with a supply of 5,000m3 per day.
  • -Acquired a drilling rig to drill water in schools and other places.


  • -Construction of Masinde Muliro Stadium phase 1 – Kanduyi is underway.
  • -Completing the construction of the High Altitude Training Centre in Kaptama.


  • -Lighting up markets to extend business and improve security at night. A total of 493 lights installed on 52 markets in Phase 1.
  • -Through the Energy Training Institute owned by Kenya Power, the County Government has trained 5 Technicians/electricians on installation, repair and maintenance of lights. This capacity development has since been backed with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art cherry picker – Hydraulic arm vehicle that has enabled the team to run a 24-hour programme covering repair, maintenance and installation of street lights and high mast flood lights on markets cross the County. So far, the team has fixed lights on 49 markets across the County and the process is still on-going.

That’s what we have gathered in our first coverage. Tomorrow, we shall share the Governors flops, punching holes in what we’ve seen as a big injustice to the people of Bungoma.

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