Steve Kay: My Last Moments with John Gift and the Nduruchi Factor

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Luhya’s most popular musician Stephene Masinde popularly known as Steve K has given a recount of his last moments with the fallen Bukusu comedian John “Gift” and the connection with the controversial politician Jimmy Wakhungu Nduruchi.

In an exclusive phone interview with this website, the popular artist who regularly trade his music at Samba Club in Nairobi, has expressed his shock at the sudden death of his friend John Gift.

The two performed at Samba Club on Thursday evening before partying ways later on before the comedian died under unclear circumstances at Lifecare Hospital in Bungoma.

Here is a transcript of our conversation.

“John Gift arrived at Samba club at around 10PM on Saturday. We were scheduled to have a performance together.

I personally didn’t have his contacts so he was communicating with the female event organiser who had invited him.

I have never met him in person despite being a fan of his comical video clips.

So when the lady organiser informed me about his arrival, I requested that we meet before going to the stage. We chatted briefly as we strategised on our performance.

I invited him to the stage and we performed together and thereafter, he left to the change room to change his clothes shortly after exchanging our phone contacts.

After I was through with my performance at around 2pm, I could not see John Gift. Shortly, the event organiser came looking for him. She wanted to return the phone to John Gift as he apparently had two phones and had forgotten one behind.

I went to sleep and woke up in the morning to prepare for my journey to Lodwar where I had an activity as well. It’s at this time that John Gift sent me a message asking me to meet him at Country Bus Station where he was expected to board a Climax bus back to Bungoma to shoot a series of video clips with his friends, according to him. This was Friday morning at around 10.AM.

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But because I was late, we didn’t meet and that could later become my last ever communication with me.

I went to Lodwar and on Sunday morning, a friend of mine called Said phoned me telling me that John Gift had been admitted at Lifecare and is in ICU in critical condition. The statement shocked me. ICU is not an ordinary thing for any patient. This must have been something serious. I even thought it was an accident.

The caller also informed me that the comedian was brought to the hospital by a one Jim (Jimmy) Nduruchi.

So when I heard that name, I jokingly asked the caller if Nduruchi has allegedly ‘used the boy’s behind’ as many people have on various occasions linked Nduruchi with the gay character.

When I inquired more about the ICU, Said told me that the hospital had blocked anyone from seeing the patient – Only John Gift’s brother was there and he looked disturbed. So I gave Said the contact of one of the doctor friend who works there to help trace the situation and we hanged up.

A few minutes later, Said again sent me a message which read; “He is gone”. I quickly phoned the said doctor (female) and asked her why she had left the hospital when I had sent someone to talk to her. She dismissed it and when I told her to confirm if there’s any patient that had been admitted at ICU, she told me that the patient had already been pronounced dead!

Kumbe when Said told me via text that HE IS GONE, I thought was referring to the doctor whose number I had forwarded him.

That was a shocker to me. I wanted to assume that these were false reports. In less than five minutes, calls started jetting in from everywhere telling me about John Gift’s death.

So when I came back to Bungoma on Monday, I found a group of residents protesting against the huge bill of Sh118,022 that the hospital had charged the family.

The body was even transfered to the Bungoma Referral Hospital mortuary.

In the process, one of my friends and comedian Choffuri removed his phone and showed relatives of John Gift the message conversations he had had with John Gift.

Comedians “Choffuri” (left) with John Gift Masinde. PHOTO/FILE

In those messages, John Gift is reaching out to Choffuri requesting for mentorship on how to make money from comedy.

In those conversations, Chiffuri shows the family how he warned John Gift against walking with Mr. Nduruchi who is suspected to be gay.

John Gift then apologises to Choffuri and defends his association with the former Bungoma Gubernatorial aspirant saying he is only walking with Nduruchi because of financial desperation to boost his career.

In another message, John Gift is seen calling Choffuri as ‘sweetheart’ as Choffuri fumes back at the use of such suspicious names when referring to fellow men – something John Gift apologises again and says the word sweetheart is just a normal word and should not be taken with a lot of seriousness by Chiffuri.

Mr. Nduruchi, left and John Gift. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS

Choffuri also showed us a screenshot of one of the social media posts where John Gift has is bragging with a photo of Nduruchi hailing him for being his mentor, Sponsor and all that.

Then some time later, John Gift tells Chiffuri that he has fallen out with Nduruchi whom he used very unfriendly term to describe him.

In that conversation, John Gift also tells Choffuri how Nduruchi has threatened him.

Later we hear that John Gift has died in ICU and was brought in my the same Nduruchi.

We are asking for justice to be done and investigations be carried on Nduruchi because today it has happened to John Gift, we don’t know who is next tomorrow.”


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In our earlier interview with Mr Nduruchi, he never mentioned that he had a disagreement with John Gift but Nduruchi confirmed that he had been the sponsor for the comedian.

We have reached out to Chiffuri but being busy at other activities has, he has agreed to have an interview with this site and we shall keep our readers updated.

Meanwhile, the hospital waived the entire bill on ‘humanitarian consideration’ .

Stay tunned!!!!

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