Special Mother to Child Healthcare Services Puts Lifecare Hospital as Preferred Facility for Deliveries

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A fully-equipped theatre at Lifecare Hospital. PHOTO/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS

As the debate on the quality of services offered by both public and private facilities rages on, this publication chose to look into the maternal health services that mothers get out there.

Though the government made keen of maternal health in public hospitals across the country, a good number mothers in Western Kenya especially in Bungoma still prefer to deliver at private hospitals, preferably Lifecare Hospital.

One of the basic challenges they face is congestion at public hospitals which sometimes affects the quality of services offered by most of these facilities.

The congestion is attributed to the free maternal deliveries in public hospitals.

But there must be something special that the hospital provides that attracts mothers to the facility.

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The hospital, located just 700 meters from Bungoma town is fully equipped to handle all antenatal, perinatal and postnatal cases and handles dozens of deliveries on a weekly basis.

For antenatal (before delivery), Lifecare Hospital has a specialized personnel that makes follow-ups to ensure that pregnant mothers attend clinics at least five times before delivery. This, the facility management explains, is to keep in touch with the mothers and be able to establish and handle any challenges before it’s too late.

“The routine check on our mothers is to be able to establish the progress of the mother and enable us establish any challenge for us to provide proper medication before the mother gives birth as to Lifecare Hospital, life is very important,” Explains Dr. Amol Gadgil, Obstetric & Gynecological Consultants .

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During the perinatal period or delivery period, the hospital is fully equipped with dozens of beds for mothers, ICU sections, a fully-equipped and operational theatre and specialized obstetrician & gynecologist to ensure that the babies are delivered in safe hands. In case of any danger, the hospital has both Adult and Neonatal ICUs to ensure the process is keenly monitored and facilitated to ensure proper delivery.

Even in the postnatal or after-birth period, the gynecologists provide full-time surveillance to all the newborns and their mothers and provide proper guidance in nursing the beautiful new lives.

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All those stages have appropriate tests on mothers and babies ranging from ultra-sound, blood pressure to sugar level so that proper medication can be administered, something that other facilities are not keen on.

“I delivered my second son at Lifecare Hospital and one thing I loved at the facility is the quality of care and guidance the hospital gives even if you are discharged,” boasts a 32-year old mother of two who identified herself and Jane.

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