Song and Dance as Murunga Finally Delivers New School Bus to Busombi Muslim Secondary

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There was song and dance at Busombi Muslim Secondary in Khalaba Ward, Matungu Constituency as a fully branded new school bus snaked into the humble school yesterday.

The new school bus, KCP 680K, was funded by the Matungu Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Parents, teachers and students as well as passer-bys smeared the school with their electrifying smiles and joy when the bus toungued it’s nose at the school gates of the cheering school with Matungu MP Justus Murunga on board.

The school bus is part of Mr Murunga’s committment to ensure that schools are provided with enough supporting equipments in their learning activities.

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“As the MP of this area, I am committed to laying great foundation in schools within Matungu Constituency,” said Mr Murunga who was sandwitched by several MCAs and other local leaders.

While addressing more a gathering of close to three thousand people drawn from parents, teachers and neighbours, Mr Murunga insisted on the need to support learning institutions and promised more support to schools including labaratories and libraries.

Matungu MP Justus Murunga (left) hands over the bus document to Busombi Muslim Secondary BOG. PHOTO/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS

The 56-seater bus cost Sh8.5 million shillings and comes with a one-year insurance and is the second for Murunga to deliver through the CDF kitty after acquring one for Munami Secondary School earlier on.

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Murunga also took the opportunity to outline some of his achievements in the education sector, among them builing three classrooms at Bulonga Secondary School, sponsoring 136 needy students on full scholarships for scoring 400 marks and above during last year’s KCPE as well as another 80 students he has helped join universities.

Murunga also affirmed that he has put all the mechanisms in place to have a new KMTC build in Khalaba Ward to enable more students from within Matungu Constituency to enrole easily.

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“I have instructed the chief of this area to look for a piece of land within Kalaba ward, follow all the legal procesures so that Matungu Constituency can also have a KMTC on our soil,” said Murunga.

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