Sirisia’s ‘Money Bag’ Politician Nandalwe Claims Malakisi Shooting Extra-Judicial by Police

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Nandalwe Foundation CEO and Politician Moses Nandalwe (with a hat) flanked by suporters today. PHOTO/JAYSON ALVA


Sirisia politician Moses Nandalwe popularly known as Mr Money Bags has claimed the shooting of a sirisia man by police officers last week during the Malakisi town demos was extrajudicial.
Nandalwe said this while addressing mourners during the funeral of the late Ramadhan Were who was allegedly shot on the chest by Malakisi police officers during the protests.

Ramadhan later on succumbed at Bungoma referral hospital where he had been rushed by Nandalwe foundation ambulance while receiving treatment. 

The demos which saw two youths shot; one on the leg and the deceased on  the chest, had been sparked by the death of a 35 years old George Lumbuku, a county enforcement officer from Butonge area.

Lumbuku is said to have been killed after officers from Malakisi police station who were on an operation to wipe out and arrest illicit brew consumers raided his home.

Lumbuku had been entertaining revelers for Christmas festive season with changaa before he was hit by the back of a gun on the back of his head leading to his death.

His death sparked running battles between Malakisi cops and residents who lit fires on  the road and threatened to storm Malakisi police station to burn it down in sought for justice.

They accused police officers of harassment. 

Irrate residents also torched the house of Butonge assistant chief Wandabwa whom they accused of calling the cops who killed Lumbuku.

They also damaged crops in his farms.

The assistant chief and his family flew into hiding. 

Malakisi ocpd Anthony Njeru had earlier said that any cop who will be found to have been involved in the death after a postmortem had been conducted to George will not be spared by the law.

Nandalwe said that justice must be attained for the two families.

‘We all know that Ramadhan was not shot by the cops when he was participating in the demos like the rest of us but he was in his homestead, ‘he said.

Nandalwe said that his killing was like that witnessed in Kibra of Maina a student of Nairobi University by police. 

“Bwana DCC when you say that Ramadhan was hit by a stray bullet that is alie because in terms of law a stray bullet happens when you are chasing after thugs and you shoot it misses and hits mwananchi, on that fateful day we did not have thugs here,” he said. 

“We want you to tell us that you have the names of the cops who killed our youths,” he added.

Nandalwe asked Bungoma west DCC to stop sideshow and reveal the rogue trigger happy cops behind the killings. 

“We the Sirisia politicians want to do work with police departments but when it reaches a point where police turn against wananchi we feel we have no peace with cops.”

He said that residents were in deep pain following the death of their two people.

“I was very disappointed Bwana DCC we were morning the death of our youths killed by rogue officers and the following day instead of telling us who has killed this boys you are summoning me what if you give me the cops who had killed this two youths”.

Nandalwe who had been summoned by Bungoma West Sub-County intelligence department over the protests declined to honor the summon and flew to Nairobi. 

He asks the Malakisi officers to be serious while handling insecurity menace in the area that has been thrown to dogs.

Nandalwe said that he has already written to inspector of police Joshua Boinnet asking him to be directly involved in the incident.

He said that bitter residents want to know who killed the two innocent youths and what actions have been taken against them not summoning of politicians.

‘We want a police system that defends wananchi and not one that threatenes wananchi and killing them anyhowly.”

Nandalwe added that the families of the two are still young and will remain languishing in poverty because of police mistakes that lead to the death of their bread winners.

Nandalwe affirmed that his Nandalwe Foundation through his project manager Wamukota Wenani will build a permanent house for Ramadhan’s widow who is living in a deplorable situation in two weeks time.

Nandalwe, who vied for Sirisia MP seat on an ODM ticket in last year’s polls but was defeated by Jubilee candidate John Waluke said that he will push from Nairobi for the family to get justice and compensation so that the deasced children may continue to get education.

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