Shock as Bees Deployed at Uhuru Park Ahead of Raila’s ‘Swearing in’

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(A NASA supporters removes a burning bee-hive that has mysteriously been dumped at Uhuru Park. PHOTO/COURTESY)


There was drama at the Uhuru Park early this morning when supporters of NASA Leader Raila Odinga spotted a bee-hive dumped near the main dias.

It is not clear who dumped the beehive but the NASA supporters quickly read between the lines, claiming it’s a plot by their Jubilee counterparts to sabotage the ‘big day’. 

“This a plot by Jubilee supporters to make sure this day does not succeed,” said one irate supporter who was at the scene.

The NASA supporters immediately put the yellow bee-hive on fire before throwing the remains into a nearby pond of water.

Though the bees caused tension at the venue, none of the supporters was hurt.

Hon Raila Odinga is set to be ‘sworn in’ today at the same venue despite resistance from the government which has termed it unconstitutional.

The NASA coalition claimes it won last year’s general elections but the electoral body illegally announced President Uhuru Kenyatta the winner in what Raila Odinga terms a ‘sham election’.

NASA supporters from across the country  are said to have arrived at the fateful venue as early as mid-night.

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