Shame as CS Rashid Echesa, Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala Beef Escalates to Nudes

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The beef between Sports Secretary Rashid Echesa and Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has just taken a new twist after a WhatsApp account believed to be owned by the latter shared nudes alleged to be of the cabinet secretary.

This was after Mr Echesa, whom Malala calls a “Standard Seven dropout”, claimed on a local TV station that the house he lives in was built by Deputy President William Ruto.

During a live interview with Bungoma-based Nyota TV, the former ODM Youth Leader accused Senator Malala of calling the deputy president a ‘thief’ even after living in a house that the same Ruto built for him in Milimani estate, Kakamega town.

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“It’s so unfortunate that my brother Malala is calling the Deputy President a thief yet Mheshimiwa Ruto built a Sh7 million house for him when he was still an MCA.” Rashid told host Ken Indimuli.

“It’s me who took Malala to Mr Ruto’s home in Eldoret where Malala begged for a house because he was still staying in a rental house, a whole MCA.”

However, the claims apparently didn’t augur well with the playwright who responded with nudes purporting to be of Mr Rashid. In the photo, a man who looks like Mr Echesa is standing fully naked while hugging and kissing a young unrecognized lady in a spacious room while holding a selfie stick.

According to Senator Malala’s close associates, it’s the same Rashid who sent those nudes to the vocal senator a while ago when they were still “friends and drunk”.

Mr Echesa is yet to publicly respond on the nudes.

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The two leaders, both hailing from Kakamega County, have constantly been at war or words for the last three months with the former Makiakalo Ward MCA mocking the cabinet secretary of his academic status.

Just three months ago, three people were seriously injured when a convoy belonging to Senator Malala was attacked by violent youths chanting pro-Rashid songs at Mayoni in Kakamega County.

The Senator was heading to Mumias after launching a private medical training School in Makale, Matungu Constituency.

Malala’s vehicles were destroyed but escaped unhurt.

The two later posted photos of them at a hotel in Kakamega, announcing their new “brotherly friendship” and even “having lunch together”.

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Their friendship has again stalled following the recent outbursts.

Those close to the CS claim that the Senate’s Deputy Mnority Leader is just bitter that Rashid is closer to the DP and blocking the Senator from accessing the DP.

“It has nothing to do with being a Standard Seven dropout but Malala is bitter that he is no longer getting the millions he used to get from the Deputy president,” said a source close to Mr Echesa who requested for anonymity for fear of being jeopardized.

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