Shame as Bungoma County Governor’s Press Team Plagiarises Blogger Wakajuaness’s Work

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A screenshot of  Bungoma County Governor’s Press Service official Facebook page that has come under fire for plagiarism


Shame, incompetence, laxity, laziness, arrogance and cluelessness was displayed on the Bungoma County Governor’s Press Service  official Facebook page when the press team handling the page went to Wakajuaness’s blog, lifted an entire article word-by-word and pasted it on the Governor’s page as if it was their own piece of work. 

Blogger Wakajuaness had been covering the #MissTourismBungoma event that was held on the night of Saturday 15th September 2018 and Wakajuanes.Com was the only news website that was covering the event and giving LIVE and accurate information to its ardent followers.

The County Government of Bungoma had organised the Miss Tourism Bungoma contest at Redcross auditorium in Kanduyi in order to pick a beauty pageant that would represent the County at the National beauty competition. 

The blogger was the first to publish the story on this website few minutes after the winner, Miss Joyce Nasambu had been declared by the judges. 

However, Blogger Wakajuaness followed up and added another well-researched blog post that gave deeper details about the winner, her life as a model and her dreams, an idea the Governor’s team had apparently not thought of.

The blog post, Interesting Facts About the New Miss Tourism Bungoma was published on Sunday morning at 06.56 am according to the blogger’s twitter handle @wakajuaness which immediately auto-tweets all the blog posts from the website as seen below.

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But being too early in the morning and apparently the press team especially those handling the Governor’s Facebook Press Page were asleep when the story was already running live on the website, they apparently woke up, came to this site and lifted the interesting article only to paste it on their page three hours and 12 minutes later at 10.08am as captured in the screenshot below.

The handler only removed the author’s name at the top of the article, changed the headline and deleted the small paragraph that was reading “this blogger digs deeper into her journey in the modeling industry…” and the last paragraph where the writer, who is also the founder and owner of the blog, congratulates the new queen one behalf of the Wakajuanes.Com family. See the screenshots of their earlier article.

But when this blogger raised the concerns, the arrogant handler who later came to be established as a one Joseph Wamasimbi, edited the post and included a line “STORY BY SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS” at the top of their story to foul the alraedy digitally-sharp people even without tendering an apology. 

He even shameless went ahead and bragged with a screenshot of the changes but maintaining that he had acknowledged the writer and that he would never read the blogger’s posts or ‘give credit at all”. Here is his screenshot posted under the blogger’s comments section below the post on a popular “Bungoma Digest” Facebook group. 

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Without actually owning up to his mistake, the clueless gentleman bragged how knowledgeable he is on matters plagiarism and even embarrassed himself further. See in the screenshot above.

However, keen users who were following the conversation pointed out a spelling mistake that this blogger had made and laughed off how the arrogant clerk shamelessly pasted the same errors, hitting him below the belt.

Now after realising that he was digging his own online grave, the fella had no otherwise than pull down the post from the Governor’s official Press Service page, with the page now showing a bodaboda article replacing the plagiarised article as the latest on that page. 

The original Facebook link of the stolen article was  before the post was pulled down.

See below.

Social media immediately ran rampage on the manner the officer handled the PR and called for a proper realignment in Governor Wycliffe Wangamati’s communication department. 

Many have wondered why a county officer being paid by the taxpayer’s money could sleep on the job and only copy-paste a private Blogger’s work and present is as if it was his own.

Others have also questioned the credibility of updates posted on the Governor’s Press Page.

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“What level of LAZINESS is this of lifting someone’s article word for word? Wasn’t the pageant winner available for interview?” Asked a user known as Janette Dorcus. 

Nyongesa Leon replied: “Simiyu Wakajuaness, it is a lesson that the Press Office with leadership of competent Tim Machi to invest in Plagiarism Detector. Before approving any article on behalf of the county govt, he is the one to screen it first. As it is, his staff will let him down.”

However, even if the post has been pulled out, Blogger Simiyu Wakajuaness is yet to receive an official written apology from the Governor’s offices. 

The Bungoma County Director of Communication Mr Tim Machi just called to apologise on behalf of the team but only promised to issue an apology statement below the blogger’s post on the Facebook group, leaving out thousands of the blogger’s fans who may not be on that Facebook wall.

The blogger’s legal team is demanding for a public and official written apology addressed to the blogger for tampering with his article and denying the blogger the traffic that had been diverted to the Governor’s Press Page. 

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Simiyu Wakajuaness

Simiyu Wakajuaness is the founder of this news site, a scriptwriter, actor and stage director with ardent passion in media and public relations in this digital world. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

7 thoughts on “Shame as Bungoma County Governor’s Press Team Plagiarises Blogger Wakajuaness’s Work

  1. The decorum that wakajuaness fraternity puts to the their blog is pure talent and selfless endeavour.
    I want to fastest in strongest grounds possible, that plagiarism and “uplifting” someone’s content and rights are punishable by law.
    Shame to the Governor’s wangamati team in being callous! And incompetent in their Job.
    Work your ass off! That’s what people do!

  2. It is unfortunate that this kind of joke is still tolerated. These guys take advantages of articles written by those who take there time gathering facts and later when you put a complain about it, you get bullied.

  3. Weh. Fire Baibey. Remind me never to copy paste another persons stuff. Wahalla. Issa no. You can perambulate on someone’s gluteus maximus mpaka akubali. Kwa sasa Ni hayo tu’. Npate kwa mlolongo nikitafuta Reggea. Naskia mtu ameiwekea fullstop.

  4. Taxpayers money going to waste..reminds of my college years when my friends could copy paste my assignment and score higher than me; of course it was heartbreaking..
    Wakajuaness we are always glad you keep up on point and as for the Wangamati copy paste team; let them publicly apologize

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