See the Sh7 Billion that Bungoma County is Going to Access

Bungoma County has joined the list of top counties in kenya to approve the Policy on Climate Change, opening access to 50 Million seed money for every ward per year for a period of three years totaling to Ksh 6.7 Billion, for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience building from Department for International Development (DFID).

The Fund will facilitate climate change financing in Bungoma through establishing climate finance mechanisms, facilitating
and planning for climate change adaptation and mitigation in the county planning and budgetary framework and also initiating and coordinating finance for climate change adaptation and mitigation activities at community level, among others.

This policy will ensure proper maintenance and conservation of the environment to help curb climate impacts. This will be achieved though the championing for climate smart agriculture, hence curbing malnutrition and water borne diseases that arise from both drought and floods.

The passing of this policy by the Bungoma County Assembly is very significant as it moves Bungoma County closer to accessing climate finance including the Green Climate Fund (GFC) which together with Bungoma’s development budgets, will considerably increase the County’s financial resources to mitigate climate change effects.

CECM Water, Environment, Tourism and Natural Resources, Renson Makheti (pictured above), expressed optisim saying the policy will give a framework for actors in the environment sector to bring their synergies together for the benefit of Bungoma residents.

Acting Director for Climate change, Jane Mukonambi thanked the County Assembly members, the County leadership and non-state actors for the support through out the policy formulation process.

“We have come far and we are happy to be among the first counties to pass the policy, she said.”

Other Policies that the select committee on Tourism, Water, Environment, and Natural Resources adopted include; Bungoma county climate change finance policy 2020 and Bungoma County Environmental and Social safeguard policy 2020.


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