Scripted Abduction? Maunda, Nduruchi Give Conflicting Versions as Probe Intensifies

On Wednesday 10th July 2019, footages of controversial ‘online warrior’ Dennis Maunda (above) emerged on social media platforms showing him making some confessions about senior County officers who allegedly use him to attack former gubernatorial aspirant Jimmy Nduruchi.

The footage, filmed at an unidentified location definitely outside Bungoma town, generated debate on platforms with various users condemning the abduction.

Mr. Maunda, whose age is believed to be between 27 and 32 years, was being filmed by a group of around five men at unspecified time of the day.

In the short clips released to forums, Maunda, known for his ardent support for Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati looks stressed while making confessions that were seemingly imposed on him by the ‘film makers’.

However, two days later, we have reached out to Dennis Maunda who has narrated his story.

“I was at my home in Nabongo area when I received a call from a one George Wekesa, a political activist linked to a group called Wanyalipopo. He asked me where I was and we met at a place around my home.

Behind him was another friend known as Eric Kibaba and Omar and few metres away was another youth activist whom I identified as Musa because I had grown up with them in this town and I know them all,” Maunda explains via our telephone interview a few hours ago.

They then roughed me up without knowing where they were taking me to until I noticed a white big car believed to be owned by politician Jimmy Nduruchi.

They pasted me to that car and took me to an isolated road that leads to a munanda (cattle market). While there, Musa and George asked me why I have been abusing Mr. Nduruchi on social media platforms.

Noticing that the route was busy with passers-by, they cropped me to Mr. Nduruchi’s car and blind-folded me to a place called Musikoma in the hills.

They kept on roughing me up but I didn’t take them seriously as I thought they were just joking so I asked them jokingly why they were doing this to me yet we are friends.

However, the mood just changed immediately and the they put me on top of a stone, put pliers on my testicles (the editor of this site apologises in advance for using this term) as Nduruchi removed a gun and pointed on my head before forcing me to make pre-dermined confessions.

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I was so shocked, shaken and traumatised so I obliged to everything they wanted me to say.

Around 6pm, they took me to the car where a man in dark glasses was waiting. Mr Nduruchi claimed he was a CID officer. They again blindfolded me and drove me to a place called Kabuchai near Kabuchai dam. They removed my clothes only to realizeĀ I had a big wound on my right leg.

At this time, they took my phone and threw away my sim card and the battery before throwing the handset back to me.

I heard George argue that they throw me into the dam never to be found again. I pleaded with them before they left me there naked. I heard Nduruchi congratulate them for good work saying they were not like the Wanyalipopo who ate his Sh20,000 promising to hand me to them.

Darkness was approaching so I dressed up and walked to the road where a good samaritan carried me on his motorbike to a place called Sikata.

Asked if Maunda reported to the police, he said:

They had warned me against making this known to anyone lest they take my head so I just went home. But when they shared those videos on social media, it gave me energy to now go and report to the police.”

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Maunda has not yet given us the OB Number of his report at the police station.

But when we reached out to Nduruchi, the former gubernatorial aspirant in Bungoma County dismissed Maunda’s version saying that skit was scripted by Maunda and the gang that ‘kidnapped’ him in order to con him money.

Mr. Jim Nduruchi. PHOTO/FILE

“It was a deliberate move to con me money. In fact it was Maunda who reached out to me requesting to have a conversation with me. So I took a gentleman called George and another guy to escort me because I didn’t know Maunda.

So when they identified Maunda, I asked the boy why he has been abusing me and they ordered him to apologise to me as I recorded. There was no gun or any weapons.

It’s at this juncture after sympathising with Maunda’s leg that I offered him Sh15,000 for his treatment. He didn’t have the money so I sent the money to George Wekesa’s phone via mobile transaction and it seems George didn’t even give the money to Maunda,” narrates Nduruchi.

Mr. Nduruchi had not shared with me the mobile money transaction as he had promised by the time I was going to press with this article.

There were reports that the ‘kidnappers’ arranged with Maunda to hand him over to Nduruchi and pretend as if they were harassing Maunda before Nduruchi then share the offer that Mr. Nduruchi could table.

Speculations suggest that Maunda pocketed Sh20,000 among them Sh15,200 withdrawn from a particular Till account as the rest shared Sh50,000 from Mr. Nduruchi, claims this writer has not been able to establish.

Meanwhile, three of the men involved in the incident are being held at the Bungoma police station.

Mr Omar, Mr. Musa and another one identified as Mr. Kibaba were reportedly arrested on Thursday after they surrendered themselves to the police station to ‘clear their name’.

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Mr Nduruchi and Mr. George Wekesa are said to be still at large.

However, it’s not clear why Mr. Nduruchi could allow the ‘kidnappers’ to harrass Mr. Maunda if at all he didn’t mean harm or if at all he stopped the men from roughing up Mr. Maunda.

Mr. Nduruchi has also not explained how he noticed that the group was out to con him money because in the whole saga, he doesn’t acknowledge any conflict with the ‘kidnappers’.

It’s also not clear why the scene of the drama had be some funny remote place away from town and not at a hotel in Bungoma if at all it was supposed to be a reconciliation move.

Perhaps to establish Maunda’s version of genuine kidnapp, the DCI will have to trace the phone signals of all the ‘cast’ in that play and see if they can captured at Kabuchai Dam as narrated by Maunda.

Many leaders have condemned the incident with Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa calling upon the DCI to bring the perpetrators to book.


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