REVEALED: The Truth Behind Bungoma MCAs Street Demos

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Members of the Bungoma County Assembly on Tuesday while protesting against Governor Wycliffe Wangamati. PHOTO/Courtesy 


Barely a day after staging street demos while chanting slogans meant to discredit Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati citing lack of development and unaccountablity, we can now reveal the untold truth behind this entire drama.

Over 30 Members of the Bungoma County Assembly, including Governor Wangamati’s close ali Hon Luke Opwora, had on Tuesday 11th of Sept 2018 marched along Moi Avenue in Bungoma town in what they termed ‘incompetence’ on service delivery from the County Chief. 

Led by Deputy Speaker Hon Simiyu Wamusai, the platoon allegedly stormed the Governor’s offices demanding to be addressed by the big man but while knowingly that Hon Wangamati was out on official duty. 

They then marched on the streets while ironically singing the ‘ouster’ songs that the Wangamati supporters used to sing against the then Governor Kenneth Lusaka.


Speaking at one of the Assembly chambers, the MCAs assured the Governor with an impeachment, the peak of removing a sitting Governor from an office. 

“Since the Governor has set us against our own electorates that we are not working and that that the electorates want us to go home, we will ensure that the Governor goes home first before us.” Said Hon Wamusai, who is also the MCA for Suboti Ward. 

“We have given him an ultimatum of up to today ( same Tuesday) to sign the contracts meant to develop wards or else, we shall show him the door.”


The video clips of the demos went viral on social media platforms with several users slamming the legislators of displaying ’embarrassments on the streets’ instead of using their constitutional mandate to tackle the issues they claim are affecting the common mwananchi

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Among the issues the MCAs are relying on to impeach the Governor include lack of accountability, lack of development record and slashing of Ward Development Fund from Ksh17M to 4M per ward each year, allegations that the county officials has denied. 


But a deep eye by this site can reveal that since the Governor has completely refused to give them handouts, the MCAs have resolved to sabotage the Governor by all means including shooting down the Governor’s projects that include the Construction of Matulo Airstrip Cargo and the Industrial Park.

An insider who works in the Assembly hall and who requested for anonymity due to the fear of being victimised told this writer that the MCAs have been pushing the Governor to double their sitting allowances up to Ksh 7,000, an idea Governor Wangamati has constantly shot down. 

According to the source, Governor Wangamati has also refused to give a section of them the demanded  kick-backs of Ksh10M each from the Ward Development Fund, an affirmative action fund that started during Governor Lusaka’s reign. 

It is at this point that the MCAs are going rampage on the Governor they term ‘stingy’, vowing to teach him a lesson. 

But this is far from over. It is emerging that some other leaders who have failed to control the governor through tenders are using the MCAs, most of them members of the Governor’s Ford Kenya Party, to frustrate the Governor. 

This is happening even as the Ford Kenya leadership remains mute on the recent developments. 


It’s also emerging that some aspirants who want to come back and vie for the gubernatorial seat are using the situation to sponsor the MCAs to taint the image of the current regime.

The same “sponsors” are allegedly funding other groups, most of them the youths and women groups to stage demos across the county and pile pressure on the electorate to support the ejection of the actuarial scientist.

People have questioned the Governor’s slow development record a year since he has been in office.


The MCAs could be forgiven to question the development track in Bungoma especially after it recently came out that former Governor Kenneth Lusaka left a whooping Ksh10B on the developed unit’s account during the hand-over, the money Governor Wangamati is yet to make public. 

If the Sh10 billion were actually left intact on the account during the transfer of power, then the residents have the right to question its use.

NB: Governor Wangamati is set to meet the MCAs any time from now as this writer heads to press.
Stay tunned for more updates.


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3 thoughts on “REVEALED: The Truth Behind Bungoma MCAs Street Demos

  1. Governor Wangamati should not yield to the selfish demands of the MCAs whose appetite for eating public resources is insatiable. Instead let Governor 039 donhis thing and engage directly with the voters and ostracize the political vultures. The talking heads will soon realize they have no people behind them

  2. Next time hit the nail on the head. Clearly state who is funding the MCAs and youths to demonstrate against the governor. Also name those who are in the same party with the governor but are dissatisfied with his performance

  3. As much as I don’t support the MCAs idea but what has WANGAMATI done that I can walk and brag of? Something that I can sit down and say we are better than any other county? Maybe saving and asking for more time.

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