Rapper who Started by Writing Love Letters on Behalf of his Classmates now a Star in Hip Hop

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The music industry has refused to stop growing and every day, new artists are coming up. But little do fans know about the other side of their favourite artists.

Rapper Lee Mchanaji, who has released several hits including Change, Kata, Last Hope and Hate me Now, sat down with blogger Simiyu Simiyu and shared a lot on his music.

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Who is Lee Mchanaji?

Mchanaji: Ladies call him Mr. Dark Tall handsome. Gentlemen call him ‘The true definition of the Hip Hop Genre. I’m a spoken poet artist but a rapper at same time.

Describe your entry into music.

Mchanaji: I started as a poet since high school back in 2009. My classmates used to hire me to write letters to their girlfriends and then get paid for it.

I developed my poetry in 2014. So my friend came visiting in 2015 and came across my rhyme book. They then introduced me to their brother who has a studio in Bungoma town. The rest is history.

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What motivated you?

Mchanaji: The fact that I was talented and saw a gap in my hood. No one was doing hip hop when I started out. I have a line that goes like “When I started this shi*t, I was alone in the street; then they joined this sh*t, now am the gold for the street.”

Great. Any challenges?

Mchanaji: Some Presenters and publishers demanding a facilitation fee for an interview yet you are starting out.

Any Parental support?

Mchanaji: Not really but my brothers and sisters, relatives who download my music and share it.

You are also passionate about Spoken Word and performed at various events, why hip-hop?

Mchanaji: Spoken poetry falls under hiphop but in this, one only speaks; in Hip Hop, we have Rap-which means rhythm and Poetry. I had to settle on Rap though I can also do Spoken word.

A list of your studio work so far out there?

Mchanaji: My fans do download my music available on SoundCloud.Com, Mdundo.com, Audiomack.com and Youtube.com. They just search for “Lee Mchanaji” on the above websites.

What do you think is the future of spoken word after it seemingly struggled to penetrate into an audience that is obsessed with music?

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Mchanaji: It has a bright future, only that back then, people had not understood the genre.

A number of local artists from here (Bungoma) have recorded and released their work out there but we are yet to see them hit, why?

Mchanaji: Many say that the channels in place demand for cash to play their music but if your work is perfect, definitely people will demand for it.

Your real name is Lynch Ayieko. Why Lee Mchanaji?

Mchanaji: (Laughs): I grew up with the name Lee. A short form of Lynch. Mchanaji came from the word chana which means ‘to rap’.

Your favourite artists?

Internationally? Jay z, J Cole and The Game. Africa? King Kaka and Fid q.

Where do you see yourself in future?

Mchanaji: Bro, I’ve already conquered my hometown. Am now eyeing the Top Kenyan Rapper seat. And I quote “Tell those Niggahs that am coming. Am coming”

Do you believe bloggers are ‘killing’ artists with their rumours?

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Mchanaji: To some extent, yes. Silly propaganda ain’t good. But there’re nice and respected bloggers like this one interviewing me on Wakajuanes.Com who are promoting upcoming artists on their sites which is really admirable to the society. Wakajuaness is the best place to be. Keep it up Waka.

Wow! Thanks for recognozing my blog. Your message to the fans even as we head to the October 17 Election?

Mchanaji: Elections come and go but we shall always remain. Let us maintain peace and unity all through.

Thanks for speaking to Wakajuaness.Com where the truth starts and success in your music career.

Mchanaji: A lot of thanks for giving me this platform and all my fans for the beautiful support.

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