Raila Odinga’s Message Which Will Help Kenya’s Bid For UN Top Security Seat

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Wednesday sent out a statement in support of Kenya’s bid for top United Nations Security Council seat.

Raila’s message comes barely hours before the slated elections, which will take place during the UN General Assembly in New York today, on June 17, 2020.

Sending out his message, Odinga noted that Kenya has served the community of nations with dedication and grace, something the country is seeking to extend via the UN seat.

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“Kenya has served the community of nations with dedication and grace; hosting refugees, sending peacekeepers to troubled lands, ensuring regional stability. Our Athletes are a shared Pride. We seek to continue this tradition of service via a UN seat. May the World stand with Us,” Odinga said.

Early in February, the member states of the African Union (AU) nominated Kenya to take one of three African non-permanent seats on the United Nations (UN) Security Council, which will become vacant in January 2021.

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However, Djibouti appealed the decision terming it unfair, as they had been excluded from vying for the position on the basis of being ” a Francophone nation”.

According to dw.com, this was argued that, if Djibouti were to be elected, then Africa would be represented by three francophone countries in 2021, with Niger and Tunisia filling the other two African seats.

“In the letter, Djibouti dismissed these concerns as absurd.  After all, this has happened before: Most recently in 2001, when Mali, Mauritius, and Tunisia were represented on the UN committee at the same time,” says dw.com

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