Raila Odinga Sends Out Powerful Message Over George Floyd’s Murder

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Former Prime Minister and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party leader Raila Amolo Odinga on Tuesday sent out a powerful message to the family of murdered African-American, George Floyd.

Through his message today, Raila Odinga joins thousands of other worldwide influential figures who have come out to condemn the racial murder and call for the rights of blacks to be respected.

Giving out his message, Odinga sent a prayer to the family of George Floyd, while also calling for justice through the US judicial system. He stated that he hopes justice and freedom will be respected for all in America.

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“I join thousands out there in saying a prayer for the family of George Floyd and, more importantly, for the US- a prayer that there be justice and freedom for all human beings who call America their country and that citizens be judged in the content of their character and not the color of their skin,” he said.

The former Prime Minister further added that this was a dream can fulfill, owed to Africans and Floyd’s family in the US.

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“It is a dream America can fulfill for George and all its citizens. It is a dream we in Africa too owe our citizens, even as we stand with Floyd’s family in the US” he said, accompanying the story with a hashtag, #JUSTICEFORFLOYD.

On Monday, the family of George Floyd, the man who was killed by a police officer in America has now revealed the date when their kin will finally be rested.

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According to the family, the funeral is set to be held on 9th June in Texas, with a memorial ceremony conducted on Thursday at Minneapolis.

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