President Museveni Reveals How Uganda is Containing COVID-19

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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Monday evening hinted that his country has all it takes to contain the deadly coronavirus.

Speaking during the 16th presidential address on COVID-19, Museveni said that Uganda has done a lot more in containing the virus.

The president, who was addressing the nation from State House, announced that Uganda will not close its borders for trucks transporting goods into and out of the country after a section of citizens raised alarm on giving access to truck drivers in the country terming it life-threatening.

The head of state insisted that a total ban on the movement of trucks into and out of Uganda will cause the country serious economic crisis.

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“Apart from taking our products, the trucks bring in raw materials like oils and fats, sodium hydroxide salt and so many others. So if they don’t move, factories will not get raw materials,” he said.

He allowed regulated public transport like taxis and minibusses with restriction of carrying one half of their normal number together with the driver and conductor.

Museveni further announced that there will be no movement of public vehicles within 40 districts that are within the borders.

The ongoing curfew will continue from 7 PM to 6:30 AM for another 21 days.

However, on 4th June, the government will allow the operation of public means of transport including passenger trains but with restrictions geared towards containing the spread of the pandemic.

Reopening of school for candidates was also postponed for another one month as the government prepares more and study the situation.

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Museveni’s led government has distributed relief food to over 1.8 million people across the country especially in areas affected by flood during the partial lockdown that was first uplifted on 19th March 2020.

He promised that other than the relief food, the government will also be distributing face masks as the country moves into mass production of the face masks.

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Uganda has reported 457 confirmed cases with 0 deaths over the last 75 days ever since her first positive case on 3rd May 2020.

The country has done much better compared to Kenya and Tanzania which has so far recorded 2,021 positive cases, 482 recoveries, 69 deaths, and 509 confirmed cases with 21 deaths and 183 recoveries respectively.

The world statics stands at 6.62 million with 2.9 million recoveries and 375,000 deaths.

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