Popular Bungoma Musician Involved in a Tragic Accident 

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BY SIMIYU SIMIYU+254711611347

Popular Bungoma musician Kasembeli Watila was yesterday evening involved in a tragic accident.

Though the circumstances under which the accident happened are yet to be made clear, sources at the Bungoma Referral Hospital where he is recuperating from, quoted his wife as saying that the artist was ‘picked up’ from a road side by well wishers who took him to his home before rushing him to the hospital. 

Servere pain

When this writer visited him at the Private Wing of the Referral Hospital, the (Sympathy), Lulumbe (HIV/Aids) and Khasuli (hut) hit-maker was lying on pain and seemingly in servere pain with blood overwhelming his bandaged face. 

Kasembeli Watila in his sick bed. PHOTO/Simiyu Simiyu

At his bedside was his younger brother Wilberforce Watila. According to Wilber, the accident must have happened at 5pm yesterday when he received a call from Kasembeli’s wife about the vise.
Not talking 

Wilber says the upper jaw and the forehead were damaged, painting a picture of a probable impact of falling on a hard surface that is making it difficult to speak.

There was no dust on his clothes but his hands had bruises and his clothes deeply stained with blood.

 “He is only communicating by gestures and text message,” said Wilber.

Communicates via text message 

An unsent text message drafted by Kasembeli to this writer suggests he was travelling on a motorbike before the accident happened at the Marakaru-Kisiwa junction along Kanduyi-Chwele highway, 17KM from Bungoma town. 

“From kisiwa-marakaru juc pikipiki nilikuwa nimebebwa (to mean, I was from Kisiwa to Marakaru junction where I was being ferried on a motorbike).”

  1. A draft message by Kasembeli. PHOTO/ Simiyu Simiyu 

From the way he drafts his text message with the left hand and driving home the message without necessarily giving much attention to the alphabets, Kasembeli, whose real name is Nixon Watila, appears to have a ‘small eye sight’ that can enable him operate a mobile albeit minimal.  

An accident, really?

However, his friend and fellow artist Wilbert Wanyama, aka, Chapa Ilale and known for his popular song Chapa Ilale – Sisieno, read suspicion into the ‘accident’, calling for thorough investigations into Kasembeli’s situation. 

“So far, we don’t know who was ferrying him and if he was also injurred and where he was taken to.” Asked Chapa Ilale, who has also expressed his interest in contesting for the Kanduyi Constituency parliamentary seat currently being held by Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi.

“If it was an accident, some of his clothes would be torn by now… we can’t see that. Three, who are these people that ‘picked him up’ from the accident and instead of rushing him to the hospital in such a critical condition, they took him to his wife?” 

His wife had already left the facility by the time we were visiting the casualty. 

Chapa Ilale was the first person to arrive at the hospital where Kasembeli was admitted before making calls to inform his friends and relatives. 

According to Chapa Ilale, Devolution CabinetSecretary EugeneWamalwa ordered for the artist to be taken to the Private Wing as opposed to the public wards where he had initially been admitted. 

The Bungoma County Minister for Health Dr Anthony Walela  also visited the artist in his bed and promised to stand with the musician throughout the recovering process.  

“This is a big figure in our society and we shall work together to ensure that he gets proper treatment.” Dr Walela told Wakajuaness.Com.

Kasembeli Watila is one of the established vernacular musicians in Western Kenya and is known for composing songs for politicians during election periods. 

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