Popular Bungoma Musician Arrested for Allegedly Conning City Woman of Sh700,000

A popular Luhya Musician from Bungoma was on Thursday evening arrested for allegedly conning a woman of Sh700,000.

Mr. Wilberforce Wanyama popularly known as Chapa Ilale (pictured above), was arrested by CID officers from Buruburu, Nairobi, after reportedly impersonating the Personal Assistant to Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati.

According to officers handling the case and who whispered to this website, the Chapa Ilale song hit-maker was in the company of another man identified as ‘ODM’ and a third person – all who claimed to be so ‘so close’ to the Bungoma County Chief.

The officer, who wished not to be named, reported that Mr. Chapa Ilale lied to the unknown woman that they can influence a tender for her at the County but only if she gives them Sh700,000 as ‘facilitation’.

Desperate for business, the said woman handed them the cash only for the trio to ‘go missing’.

It’s at this juncture that the victim reached out to the officers who traced the artist and his ring.

However, when we reached out to the musician via phone call, he confirmed the arrest but denied being involved in the embarrassing act, claiming that his ‘close drinking friends’ used his phone to con the said woman without his knowledge.

“Yes, we were arrested yesterday and we spent the night here. Some of these friends we drink together secretly used my phone to con an unknown person and when the police tracked the conversation, I was innocently arrested,” he said.

Chapa Ilale also added that he has left the Bungoma Police Station with the officers to trace the suspects so that they can carry their own cross and let the artist walk free.

“As we speak, we are in Bungoma town looking for those guys. Once they are arrested, we shall be free.”

Indeed, when this writer visited the Bungoma Police Station in Bungoma town at 10.08AM this Friday, a note at the OB table indicated that the artist and  ODM had temporarily left the station for ‘field investigation’ and that they would be brought back to the cells by evening.

Reports shared to us also indicate that the trio will be ferried to Buruburu in Nairobi for furthering intervention.

According to the facts we have, the correct Personal Assistant of Governor Wangamati is called Mr. Stan Wepundi and not Mr. Chapa Ilale.

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