Police Spokesperson Charles Owino Reveals Who Killed Mathare Homeless Man

National Police spokesperson Charles Owino, on Tuesday, gave a revelations of the people who are accused of having killed a homeless man who was shot dead in Mathare, Bondeni area on Monday night, during the curfew hours.

According to details raised by some of the people who took to the streets to protest the murder, the late, identified by his nickname as Vaite, works as a loader in Marikiti but sleeps in the streets of Mathare at night.

The latest killing went a long way in putting the Kenyan police on the headlines yet again for the wrong reasons, after them being on the spot in using excessive and humiliating force in duty.

However, speaking in an interview with NTV’s Ken Mijungu, Owino revealed that according to their investigations, it is not the police who killed Vaite but rather some people who were following him on a motorbike.

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“Anytime a person has been shot, the preliminary is that it is a policeman. I know many of us who were shot by criminals and not the police. For example, I want to give you the case of Baite, the one people are hunting in Mathare. We have very clear witnesses who told us that this guy was followed by people on a motorbike, about five persons on a motorbike.” he revealed.

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Owino went on to add that he hopes the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) will come in to investigate.

“It is with our interest that IPOA  comes in and investigates this issue to its conclusion and where an officer is found to have committed an offense, the officer will have to face full of the law,” he said.

The remarks are however questionable, as to how five people could sit on a motorbike to follow and murder a single homeless individual but according to Owino, criminals don’t know who is homeless or not.

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“You know, whether you are homeless or you have a home, a criminal who meets you will not know that you are homeless. Remember this is Dandora bridge, if you can follow up closely, you can get to know how many lives we have lost around the bridge” he said.

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