Poem of the Week: My Dear Nyalango by Arthur Ageya

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My spear a salute of defiance

Planted many moons ago

Suffering from the rust of time

Though still refuse to give to torments of nature

Firmly embedded in your heart

Your father indignantly paces about

Not resigned to losing the bout

While casting matrimonial doubt

Shouting out aloud,

‘No daughter of mine will get married to a Ngetik’

A semblance to mother’s reaction by the shores

Declared all and sundry of the Highland ilk foes

Threatening with her life loss

No son of hers would be betrothed to a Nyar Lango

My obstinence nothing short of Chira

‘Doesn’t Nyar Kola make the strongest busaa?

Isnt the cooking of Achola and Withur revered?

Is Gaudensia, Nyar Ramogi’s backside not big enough for you?

Wasn’t Nyar Rogo declared the most beautiful woman on the plains?’

She had mourned at my matrimonial decisions

Your name shunned on the peaks of Nandi hills

My actions declared Kano plain’s ills

Our hearts, two tainted cupid’s kills

But nothing destroys our wills

For them you are my unmatched tango

But for me you will forever be my dear Nyar Lango


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