PHOTOS: Pomp and Colour as Wangamati Leads Jamuhuri Day Celebration in Bungoma

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Residents of Bungoma town got a rare opportunity to witness the Jamuhuri Day Celebration.

The function, which was happening within Bungoma town for the first time under Governor Wycliffe Wangamati, took place on Thursday 12th December, 2019.

A public address vehicle had earlier on gone around the estates and CBD publicising the event for the previous two days.

As if the efforts were not in vain, residents started trickling in to the Bungoma Posta Grounds as early as

The cloud of motorbikes parking outside the perimeter fence manning the venue, the hordes of police officers and other security units, the glamorous tents and chairs well spread across the venue leaving a major space in the middle was enough to hint for something bigger going to happen.

And this was not until police officers from various departments lined up in the middle of the field, clad in their official uniforms with well-polished pairs of shoes enough to reflect the heavens back to the clouds.

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Loud music clouded the sky as more and more people ballooned into the venue.

Some minutes to 11.00AM, the Governor’s fleet of vehicles including chase cars nosed in. The security officers became nervous at anything including a skeleton of grass below their shoe soles.

The battery of journalists clipped their lenses towards the big man who headed right to the makeshift dias as he saluted the guard. A female police officer stepped upfront starring at the arrived Governor Wycliffe Wangamati and his County Commissioner Dr. Abdi Hassan as if she had been hired.

Her shrill voice requested the Big Man to dismiss the tired guard of honour which had been camping on their foot the better part of the morning.

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Wangamati, sensing that the guard must have been tired, gave a gesture that a fellow scribe stepped on my way to undermine my camera shot albeit some few seconds.

But that was not enough, the ceremony was sexed up with lots of entertainment troupes who staged various patriotic songs and traditional dances, painting a picture of an event only witnessed on tv screens.

The speeches started and the CECM for Public Officers Mr Sabwami introduced all the County Staff including fellow CECM, Chief Officers and Members of the County Assembly.

One notable thing was that the security units did not bar anyone from entering the venue despite the arrival of the Chief Guest Governor Wangamati.

Even his CECM for Roads Collins Mukhongo came several minutes after the Boss in a black pair of khaki trouser and a white blazer, something never seen at national events when the president has already arrived.

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The climax was achieved by the Governor’s speech on the main dias which had been sheltered by the Wanakhatandi tents.

Sensing another fatigue in the audience definitely contributed to by the President’s lengthy Swahili speech read by County Commissioner Dr. Abdi Hassan, the Governor chose not to bully the attendance with another long speech. The commissioner’s lengthy read sounded like a whole semester.

The rest is suspense…

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