PHOTOS: Hustler DP William Ruto Gifts Mombasa Family Car For Taxi Business

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Deputy President (DP) and ‘hustler’ William Ruto on Monday gifted a Mombasa family a car, which he noted that will be used for a taxi business.

The family of Mary Wambui, a single mother from Bombolulu in Mombasa had a day to smile on their faces after they were gifted the car, which came through a poem her daughter Abilasha recited to DP Ruto.

According to the Dp, the resilient family had traveled all the way from Mombasa to Murang’a in order to get a chance to recite the poem to him, and it is from there that he learned of the struggles of the family, which was going through troubles after Wambui’s uber driving business hit a low.

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The car will now be used for the taxi business, while Abilasha is assured of eduction, fully sponsored by DP Ruto. Below is the full narration as stated by DP William Ruto:

“This is the story of a passionate daughter and a determined mother. Abilasha, a keen eight year old pupil at Bombolulu asked her mother that she wanted to recite a poem to the Deputy President.

Her single mother, Mary Wambui, an Uber driver in Mombasa, was to figure out how that was to happen. Meanwhile, her taxi hustle ran into trouble, but determined, she made an attempt with her daughter to present the poem at St James Cathedral Church,  Kiambu, which did not succeed

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Determined and undettered they made another shot, travelling eight hours from Mombasa. Mother and daughter arrived in Kandara, Muranga County, waited for six hours while negotiating the program to allow little Muthoni to recite her piece to me

Immediately after the recital, she put her case to me about her aspirations and goals and the impediment on her way. Abilasha and her mother, Mary, did not allow circumstances to determine their future. They believed in themsleves.

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Determined and resilient, today they got a car to be used as a taxi. Her own this time; not as a driver and Abilasha assured of education. That is the Kenyan spirit.”

Deputy President (DP) and ‘hustler’ William Ruto on Monday gifted a Mombasa family a car, which he noted that will be used for a taxi business.Photo/File

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