OSCAR SUDI: I Wonder Which Respect Can Kenyans Give President Uhuru Kenyatta

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Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has now hit back at a number of people calling for people to respect President Uhuru Kenyatta, wondering which respect should he be given.

The MP was speaking in Lessos, while attending the burial of youths who had been killed by police during protests. While addressing the people, he hit back at “busybodies” lecturing them on how they should respect the president, wondering which respect should Kenyans give, more than voting him in.

“We need a third liberation as a country, it is not yet Uhuru. Some busy bodies are lecturing us on how we should respect the President and I wonder what other respect can Kenyans give to Uhuru Kenyatta more than voting him as President? Nonetheless, respect is earned not given” he said.

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Sudi also revealed that he himself had voted in Uhuru Kenyatta three times as the President, in the 2002, 2013 and 2017 General Elections, and there was no more respect he could give than that, but rather, it is the President who should show respect to his Deputy, William Ruto.

” I Sudi, had never voted. I did that first in 2002, when I voted for Uhuru Kenyatta and went on to vote for him twice, when he became the President. What else do you expect me to give him to give us lectures on respecting the President? I want to tell those lecturing us that we respected the President, and that is why we voted for him” he said, adding that it is the DP who deserves respect.

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“What we want to tell the President with his powers and the Deep State, is that he should respect DP William Ruto because, without him, he would not be there as the president and that is the truth!” Sudi stated.

He further condemned the barbaric police killings, stating if the police force was as disciplined as the army, the country would have been in a better position. This he said, while castigating the police services which he opines are being used to harras the Tangatanga members instead of serving Kenyans.

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” It is very painful and shameful to bury these youths in their 20s, especially in this century. The day the police service will be like that of the army, the country will be saved. But if it is that trait where they are called and told to harrass certain individuals is just stupidity of the highest order,” Sudi said.


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