OPIYO and JULIET: The Rib-Dismantling Tragic comedy Play Everyone Wants to Watch

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If you happen to be on Harry Thuku road opposite Fairmont – The Norfolk Hotel, near Central Police Station on the Friday of the 26th this October 2018 and spot thousands of people flood at the Kenya National Theater scrambling for parking space before tip-toeing urgently to occupy the front seats, anxious-looking men switching their smartphones to flight modes to avoid any interruption from their nagging girlfriends who have already squeezed themselves just some rows behind three senators and four nominated MCAs, then just know that they will be avoiding to miss the most hilarious tragic comedy play in this country.

Scripted by Xavier Nato and produced by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malalah, ‘Opiyo and Juliet‘ tackles very sensitive ethnic-related issues that can be avoided in the society.

Inspired by William Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet, this rib-punishing play prides in the most talented actors that have admirable experience in stage art.

When such a cast is co-directed by award winning directors like Xavier Jerry Nato and Senator Cleophas Malalah and Allan Shioso as music director, then the best justice members of the audience can do to themselves is to come to the auditorium armed with handkerchiefs to rinse their eyes.

Mr Malala has promised fans a quality producton that wil make them proud of their tickets.

“I know our fans will see a totally different play from what they’ve been seeing before, but as a theatre company it is our duty to  also address patent issues in our society,” Senator Malalah told this writer.

On his side, Mr Nato added that the production does not only seek to entamertain the audience but also nature young talent for the future generation.

“We just want our audience to have a good time as we’ve always been doing for them. We’re a young company with a young cast. Most of our cast members are products of the Kenya National Drama Festivals and we’d like to expose them and through them, uplift the acting industry. So asking all to turn up in big numbers,” he said through a telephone interview with Wakajuanes.Com. 

Opiyo and Juliet will be the third play to be staged by Millers  Production Kenya, an entertainment company founded in June 2017 and and creatively named Millers by Emmanuel Chindia and Allan Lumumba.

According to the director Xavier Nato, this was an idea by ardent artists from Western Region and because of their love for Ugali and also coming from the land of sugar cane, Millers is a name that depicts transformation; from a raw product to a refined one – maize to flour and sugarcane to sugar.

The two other thrilling plays by Millers include Our Father is Naked, a play by Munene wa Mumbi and Joseph Murungu and Denno Says He’s Dead, an adaptation of Ray Cooney’s masterpiece Run For Dear Wife.

Starring in the play include playwright and director Andrew Smollo, Flora Okonj who is a lawyer by profession and Fulky Agnes, a university student who will be making her debut in professional acting.

Others include Robinson Mudavadi, Allan Lumumba, Donwill Odero, Trizah Awuor, Emmanuel Chindia, Samantha Adeti, Shirleen Kadilo, and Emmanuel Echesa.


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