OPINION: Why Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka Was Right to Cancel Citizen TV Interview

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On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka had been scheduled to attend the popular Citizen TV show JKLive, a move he postponed in the last minutes.

Foremost, as someone who has done Public Relations and Communication, I take this opportunity to applaud the team of advisers for Lusaka, who, in their full wisdom and political experience, saved their master from the hangman’s noose.

I am neither saying nor supporting the move by the speaker and herein other guests scheduled for interviews especially on national televisions to go Missing In Action at the ninth hour. But don’t you also know that when push comes to shove, plans have to be changed?

Whoever had planned the interview in the first place messed. Of all the time they wanted the boss to gain some mileage by coming to the TV, this was the worst moment. These are heated moments when we have witnessed political betrayals, draconian moves, and the court of public opinion is agitating for where their rage can rest.

These are moments we have seen Lusaka as the speaker of the Senate, forced to cut the Mugumo tree with a panga, by foreseeing the ouster of his allied friends including former Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen, Susan Kihika, among others, all close to the DP William Ruto, who had put a stake for him in 2022.

They are also moments when the court of public opinion is with full rage having seen the ongoing sanitization of Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru, whom the Senate, under the tutelage of Lusaka, is seemingly making her appear very innocent.

This was not the moment for him to face the public. It could have done more harm than good, especially to his political future.

Furthermore, with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) which has brought a lot of uncertainties to the future of political figures, Lusaka, who also wants a stake in 2022, has to play his cards well. You see, he could be live talking on national television, and may make an innocent opinion which can be used as a lethal weapon against him.

Coming to the TV with this current political temperatures was akin to wrestling with a pig in the mud.

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