OPINION: Why Ruto’s Madaraka Day Behaviour Should Leave Uhuru Kenyatta Worried

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On Monday, 1st June, President Uhuru Kenyatta led Kenyans over Madaraka day celebrations, held at State House in Nairobi where several leaders converged to grace the occasion, among them the embattled Deputy President, William Ruto.

This was among the very few times the two have been seen together nonpublic, following the political divorce between the two marred with treachery and betrayals orchestrated by the President’s right-hand men.

However, amidst all these turmoil, the highly outspoken Deputy President has been silent, actually very silent on the matter, and when called upon to speak, he has not spilled even a drop of the bitter moments he has experienced, instead of taking every opportunity to show his allegiance to his senior.

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Today was just a replica of the same. Many political doom prophets had predicted the absence of Ruto in attendance of the meeting, yet he came and when called upon to speak, Ruto’s body language showed it all.

His speech, his body language and gesture was not that of the commonly known Ruto. He spoke very slow, had a sad face and only chose to speak and praise his senior, who has betrayed him at the ninth hour!

“No government has experienced the kind of challenge COVID-19 has caused to our country. Every Kenyan is now part of the big army to deal with COVID-19. This pandemic has made everyone realize our inadequacy and what God can do” Ruto said in part of his speech.

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“57 years ago Kenyans made sacrifices for us to have the most important thing in life; the ability to make decisions for ourselves. Your excellency, as a people we are confident that under your leadership, the govt will take the necessary decisions to ensure we mitigate and minimize the effects of this pandemic” he added.

However though, as those who observed the DP during the event can relate, he is not a man to be ignored, just like that. In fact, the President should be more worried.

He should be worried because just like in the checkers game, when you move your checks forward attacking someone who is not showing interested of going for the king, then you must watch out.

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At times, the checkmate could just be observing you, pretending to be weak and ousted, only to re-awaken full of tactics, having observed your moves to destroy you.

DP Ruto is a checkmate showing he has no interest in going for the king, yet, he needs to win the game. He is a lion feigning to have been rained on, let the president and his battalion not mistake him for a cat.

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