OPINION: Where Were the Tangatanga Messiahs Attacking Raila Odinga in the Last 7 Years?

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The assertion by the proponents and supporters of Waiguru’s impeachment that the opposition or precisely, Raila Odinga and his ‘guns’ have an obligation to be consistent even to those who voted to punish him by taking him to Bondo rather than voting for integrity and servant leadership is naïve and stupid.

Before 2017, when the rest of the people were fighting the rising cases of corruption in Kenya, where were the self-discovered messiahs? Where were the Murkomens and the Itumbis when Anne Waiguru was reported to have swept the NYS coffers clean?

Were they not the ones on the front foot to warn the opposition to face them and leave Waiguru out of corruption scandals? Can any of them or their supporters stand up and share any post or video clip in which they stood up for the rule of law or fought corruption?

Where have they been for 7 good years prior to the handshake? Or, didn’t Kenyans deserve it then? Is it a case of being blinded by power or having table manners while eating?

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Truly. sense to some only sets in when they are out of power. Lest we forget, a few months ago, the people who want Waiguru out are the people who fought to save Waititu.

They argued that the senate as an impartial house should not rely on what is being fought at the court but rather listen to Waititu’s defense. As fate would have it, an impeachment saw Waititu leave the office and left at the mercies of the courts.

Therefore, isn’t it hypocritical that those who thought Anne Waiguru of NYS was innocent believe that Waiguru the governor is guilty? Surely, in Upton Sinclair’s words, “It is difficult for a man to understand things when his salary depends on his not understanding.”

Maybe, this explains the selective amnesia by these defenders turned accusers.
It is wrong for leaders to pretend to be crying more than the bereaved as they watch the opposition try to save Waiguru.

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In my opinion, voters should be left to bear with the consequences of their choices without interference. Having parliaments impeach corrupt and non-performing governors will give the voter reason to make more mistakes on the ballot as they will always expect members of assemble to come to aid as time goes by.

Maybe, just maybe, we should let the people of Kiambu feel the pain of their choice. And, maybe, just maybe, the people of Kirinyaga deserve what they voted for.

When they had the opportunity to make the right choices, they let the politicians dictate to them the 6 pack narrative. They voted with anger, they voted to punish, they developed amnesia to those who swindled the national coffers and rewarded them with plum jobs.

They celebrated electoral injustice and advised the president to rule with an iron fist. Now that the opposition seems to have forgotten all of the sins, see what we’ve got.

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The choice of integrity ended at the ballot box. We are for completing the journey with Anne Thumbi Waiguru. Article 1 of the constitution stipulates that all the sovereign power in the nation lies with the citizens.

On 8/8/2017, the people of Kirinyaga exercised their power that resulted in Waiguru being chosen over other able leaders like Martha Karua. The courts confirmed the win and the people celebrated.

She is the choice of the people. It is therefore inappropriate that some 23 individuals can sleep in a room and subvert the sovereign power of the people of Kirinyaga.

Choices have consequences.


(Seth Wanyama is a writer with great interests in politics, governance, and trending topics that affect the public. Email him sethwanyama@gmail.com)

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