One-On-One With the Viral ‘Mfaulanga Murie’ Comedy Maker John Gift

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No video has ever gone that viral across the country in a few minutes after release than this one I’m going to talk about!

A young man, apparently in his mid twenties painted with dark complexion and a mimicking voice surfaced on social media platforms and WhatsApp status. He had not discovered the cure for HIV/Aids or rescued 600 civilians from a bomb attack in Syria but guess what – it was just a simple trick on how he assembles his dress code with such a small fraction of a budget.

John Gift (pictured above, courtesy), shares his past life when he was invited to a popular WhatsApp group Lwanda Junction Yetu where the admins invites public figures in various industries to share their experiences in an interview known as the Crossfire!

A screenshot of the Lwanda Junction Yetu WhatsApp Group. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS

During the session, members of the Bungoma-based Lwanda Junction Yetu WhatsApp group field questions to the guest for close to two hours.

This writer, also a member of the respected forum, took time to compile the conversation.

The interview has been edited for the purposes of space, clarity and editorial policy for this site.

Q1. Admin: Welcome to LJY. Kindly introduce yourself.

John Gift: I’m John Simiyu Masinde, popularly known as John Gift. John Gift was born in Naitiri, north of Bungoma County. I went to St Martin’s Mwibale Secondary School (2010), later joined Teremi High School and then University of Eldoret (2015).

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John Gift is a teacher of Physics and Chemistry.

Q2. Member: Please tell us about your family.

John Gift: I come from humble background, polygamous family ans brought up by single mother. I have lived a poor life. Now I’m a fourth year student and graduating this year. I’m not in any plans to get married.

Q3. Member: When did you become a comedian?

John Gift: I started with music in 2015 and thereafter, joined comedy in April, 2019.

Q4. Member: Tell us about your music.

John Gift: I started my music in 2015 with the song Salama which opened me to the industry. I loved music and singing in high school and it has been my passion.

I spent around Ksh100,000 but struggled to get any returns.

Last month as I was just sitting in my room I jokingly recorded a comedy – bado tu unaniangalia (are you guys still starring at me?) and it went viral.

Then I recorded “Mfaulanga murie ” (how do you guys succeed?) which also spread quickly.

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Q5. Member: Any challenges so far?

John Gift: Comedy has no much challenges like music so long you are doing your own thing, people will just love you with that uniqueness.

Q6. Member: Do you have a manager at the moment?

John Gift: Yeah, I have a manager, director and assistant manager.

Q7. Member: Do you pay them and how much?

John Gift: They are like my sponsors now. They are still helping me (grow).

Q8. Member: John Gift, what are you doing to nature the young talents outside there so that they canbe like you?

John Gift: By encouraging them.

Q9. Member: As your fans, what should we do for you?

John Gift: Fans are my employers and please do me some favor; kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel – your subscriptions are my earnings. The more you view my posts, the more I earn.

Q10. Member: John Gift, from 1 to 10, how do you rate Kenyan government in terms of supporting talents?

John Gift: 1

Q11. Member: Some comedians use vulgar language to entertain their audience. Are you saved and how do you balance church tag and comedy?

John Gift: Yeah I’m saved! Please listen to my song which is my testimony. My comedies are clean, educative and entertaining.

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Q13. Member: Why did you release your comedies in vernacular Bukusu language?

John Gift: I chose to do comedy in my mother tongue because I wanted to remind people where they came from.

Many of us reach universities and forget home. We should always remember our parents.

Q14. Admin: Thank you John Gift for coming. Your closing remarks?

John Gift: I want to thank you all for allowing me here. Please keep supporting me by sending SKIZA 7199179 to 811 to use my song ‘SALAMA’ as your skiza tune and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel “John Gift Kenya”. Thank you, byee!

Q15. Member: Huyu mwenye ako single anawezatoka hapa na mtu (This single guy can get a partner here).

Admin: Order!?

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