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  • Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

One-On-One with Carolyne Namuenge, the Bukusu Darling on the Mic


Mar 3, 2021

A number of youth have turned to music as a way of creating self-employment opportunities in the tough economic days. However, not all of them have managed to discover their full potential in the industry.

We sat down with one of the most promising female artists from Bungoma whose recent hit has rocked the birthday parties, subsequently taking over from Harmonize’s Happy Birthday song. Ladies and gentlemen, One-On-One with Carolyne Namuenge.

1. Briefly, who is Namuenge Bukusu Darling?

Namuenge: Namuenge Bukusu Darling real name is Carolyne Namulunda, from Baengele/Batecho clan. I’m an upcoming artist from Bungoma but targeting to entertain the whole world .

2. How did you start your journey in music?

Namuenge: I’ve been singing since my childhood at church, school and even at home when we have family functions. I have been in the arts industry for three years now, having been an actress two years ago. I have worked with the late John Gift’s YouTube channel, Mtumishi na Mchungaji on Y254 on “Hizi Ni Gani” show. I didn’t focus on my talent until 2020 February where I decided to do my first song titled “Bandu Basimane” – Let People Love Each Other – and it’s the hit song until today.
So far within a year I have been able to release 13 audios and nine videos – Bandu Basimane, Embalu Yaluma, Mumilimo, Mwamubonekho, Mama Salome, Papa Erustus Asige, Happy Birthday and the latest being Let’s Come Together.

3. Why Luhya music?

Namuenge: Am not only doing Luhya music but I also try to mix languages. I first decided to focus at home because I wanted them to get the good taste of the words [laughs] some words or expression comes out clearly in your mother tongue, though I always try to put some lyrics subtitles to enable everyone understand the song.

4. You are one of the most promising female artists around in a male dominated industry, how are you putting up the fight?

Namuenge: In this music industry, you have to believe in yourself, focus, sacrifice and do it with flexibility and passion.

5. What are the challenges of doing Luhya music?

Namuenge: Challenges is most of my fans are not Luhyas, but I try to reach them out by inserting sub-titles.

6. Is the community doing enough to support you?

Namuenge: So far I have not received any  financial support from the community but I know some have subscribed to my YouTube channel and also our local Radio and TV stations as well as entertainment joints are playing my musics. This has boosted my popularity.

7. Your recent hit “Happy Birthday” has been trending at birthday parties where you have also been invited to perform. What was the inspiration behind it?

Namuenge: As an Artist I have to feed my fans with what they want. I have been to many birthday parties and all I listen to is the famous happy birthday song from our Neighboring country. I asked myself why can’t I my own hit and be proud of our own?

8. How was your experience working with producer Isa Paul?

Namuenge: Producer Issa Paul from Bungoma is my director who is humble, with respect and does great things according to the scripts. Also my audio producer from Kitale Mr Godrix Wanyonyi Kituyi has been a great person who can tap into your talent to the next level if you follow instructions.

9. Do you think the local media is doing enough to support you?

Namuenge: Yes I get perfect support from our media outlets. My Rumba music “Mwamubonekho” has been playing on citizen TV’s Rogaroga show by Fred Obachi Machoka which is inspiring me to do more of Rumba music. I can’t complain.

10.There are times you might be invited to perform at a night party especially with your Happy birthday song, how do you balance between family and music?

Namuenge: Sometimes it’s hard if it’s performing for free, but if it’s business my family understands and escorts me to the event to provide security to me.

11. Apart from music, any other side hustle?

Namuenge: Am a business lady and also a farmer at home.

12. Whom do you look up to for inspiration in the music industry?

Namuenge: Mbilia Bel, Kanda Bongoman, Mandy, Akothee and Steve Kay.

13. Talking of Steve Kay, he has been doing well in your category. Do we see a collabo with him?

Namuenge: Yes we are planning a collabo, Though he is a very busy man; finding him is not easy.

14. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Namuenge: I can see myself going far through art industry to every corner of the world.

15. Any upcoming project? What should fans expect from you?

Namuenge: Let my fans expect more new products in music and some Drama coming soon in Namuenge Episode 123 about to be released. It’s a motivational episode to inspire our children to work hard at school.

16. Your last comments?

Namuenge: Art industry is not easy, you need to be patient. My fellow artist let’s spread the good and clean message to the world because almost everyone likes art and our leaders should support the industry. To everyone who have supported me in whichever way, I say thank you so much.

17. Lastly, where can fans find your music or get in touch with you?

Keep support me by following me on YouTube channel, Facebook  and Instagram: @Namuenge Bukusu Darling not forgetting my skiza tune codes:

5700795 – Bandu Basimane Caroline Wekesa
5700796 –  Mumilimo Caroline Wekesa
5700797 – Mwamubonekho Caroline Wekesa
5700798 – Embalu Yaluma Caroline Wekesa

By the way, welcome you all to my birthday party at the newly-launched Silk Lounge in Bungoma this Saturday, hehe.



Simiyu Wakajuaness is the founder of this news site, a scriptwriter, actor and stage director with ardent passion in media and public relations in this digital world. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.