Of Flash Wear Designs and Fabric Branding; Here is a New Designer in Town

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The biggest relief in the current air is not the rate at which the world of technology is penetrating into the fashion industry but the speed at which it’s coming closer to our homesteads. 

Initially, companies, football clubs and artists used to make orders from abroad to have their attires branded their names.

But just like music where you can now play the genre of your choice at any time, you can now have your clothes customised with your name or company and a new designer is in town.

Started as a movie shop five years ago and later into event organising and film production,  Flash Wear, a new branding company is now the talk of the town across the major towns.

You can now have your T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, blankets, bedsheets, umbrellas and any other fabrics branded in your name. One can buy a t-shirt on location or just carry your own and have it printed in less than four minutes.

When this writer visited the newly established icon’s headquarters opposite National Bank in Bungoma town (THE SHOP HAS NOW BEEN MOVED TO TROJAN PETROL STATION, OPPOSITE BUNGOMA CEREALS BOARD ALONG MUMIAS – BUNGOMA ROAD), the staff were heads down working on bunches and heaps of materials shipped in from various clients.

With an advantage of knowing the location’s former activities, I inquired why they ventured into branding. 

“Yes, I started this shop as a movie retailer with my fellow alumni Jiveen Ochieng’ just after graduating from Kenyatta University with a Degree in B-Com.” Says a jovial Joel Mukoma, 28.

“But being a lifetime lover of movies, we were motivated to try our own productions and that’s how we started serious and most hilarious stage plays like My Husband is Single, Another Woman in My Bedroom, My Bukusu Darling, Tag-A-Sponsor and recently, The Devil is in the Details.”

But due to lack of financial support from various stakeholders and sponsors, he thought of doing something that can serve people from across East Africa and  not limited to Bungoma alone – Branding!

Though the parent company is Flash Entertainment, Flash Wear is now serving clients from as far as Nakuru, Kitale, Nairobi and Kampala.

Asked how the locals in Bungoma have received this new idea, Joel, popularly known as Flash, said “I’m surprised at how they responded. It was too immediate (the fans storming in to get his services).”

“But this will boom even further as schools re-open,” he adds.

A lot of schools, companies, bars and restaurants have benefitted from this branding. 

“Initially, we used to make orders from Nairobi. But the entry of Flash Wear in town has made my marketing easier.” Says a client idenified as Hari from One Acre Fund, Kakamega.

“I liked the quality of artwork done on our staff T-shirts,” Don Namikasa. 

Another regular visitor at the joint, Doffy Smith adds; “I’ve always loved labeled Wears. Flash Wear now gives me a chance to wear customised clothes of my own desired designs.”

The most caring thing is that kids are not left out. Parents can also have the names of their little ones printed on their clothes.

But why are clients placing orders from as far as Nairobi where such entities too exist?

“I think it’s the quality of services we offer and the overwhelming trust that clients have in us. You can’t stop them,” Joel, the company’s CEO clarifies. 

Speaking on a local tv station on a morning talk show today, Joel said clients who “wanna” have their vehicles, tea cups, and banners are on the rise.

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